The serious business of my life right now:

I had to cancel my Netflix account that I've had since 2009. Guys, I legitimately shed a tear over this. Not really because of the cancellation, but mostly because it made me realize that at this point in time, I cannot take care of myself financially. That's a pretty hard realization.

On a lighter note..

I have a love/hate relationship with chicken. The sight and smell of raw chicken makes me gag. If I cook it for dinner (for the family,) I will not eat it. But if someone else does the cooking, I'm okay with eating it. Mostly in a fried form.

My dear friends, I can tell when your comments are disingenuous. For example,  if you comment: "Thanks for sharing your fashion insights!" (followed by blog link and tag line..) on my blog post about having a bug crawl up my leg making me take my pants off in the middle of my back yard... Something tells me you missed the whole idea of my post.
If you come here solely to get me to go to your blog and follow, then just go away.


I had an interview today for another job. When I got in, she informed me that the position wouldn't start until mid-December. I am having zero luck with interviews.

Pre interview game face of indifference. Or concern? I actually just saw a squirrel run by as I took the picture.

I'm now leaving you with a picture of our dog Hazel, smiling.
(She is not snarling.. she gets so excited when she sees us, that her lips curl up into a smile. It's adorable.)


Ellie Kornexl said...

bahaha, dog smile. Love it! Whenever I meet a dog like that and it's owners are all "she's smiling!" i'm always "sure she is..."

but seriously, this post was really interesting, and I think you would like my blog, you should check it out sometime!


Corinne said...

Hazel is so cute! I love that she dog-smiles - and BIG, too!

Having to take cuts from things we grow accustomed to is hard, I completely understand. Hopefully a job opportunity will present itself very, very soon! I'm praying and thinking of you, lady! I know it's tough!

Corinne said...

Oh and btw, you're so so so pretty! :)

Shaylynn, They Let Me Blog. said...

What an excellent fashion post, follow me back?

Ellie's comment is brilliant.

Good luck in the job department, you're the second person this week who I have heard having to cancel nexflix. life, it's rough.

Alice said...

Good luck in the job department. I know how tough is it out there right now.

Emma Frances said...

Job hunting is the worst! So stressful. I'm praying for you! My husband and I are job hunting right now too. Also, commenters like that are the worst! Oh, and you seriously have the most gorgeous hair I have ever seen.

Sam Morgan said...

Talking about taking off your pants isn't great fashion advice? Well dang, then i missed the point of the post too. I hope you can find a job soon. I know lots of big businesses are hiring for the holidays starting after Halloween. Maybe you could get a job as a waiter and make bank on tips?

Mitha Komala said...

i hope you will get a good job soon dear! your puppy is cute, you look beautiful too xx

Letters To Juliet

Kristin said...

awww cute pup!!

Shay said...

Oh my gosh your dog smiles- I LOVE IT! Something I don't love is looking for jobs. I really hope you find something soon!

Thanks so much for the post about fairies eating twinkies- follow me!

Sorry, I had to;-)