That Darn Cat

About a month after getting married.. Ryan and I got a kitten! We are both big animal lovers, and I had been crying about wanting a kitten for probably the past year, so there we have it. That's a good enough reason, right?

We went down the humane society, filled out some paperwork, and got taken back to play with some kittens... and fell in love after about 1 minute and went home with this little guy:

What I've learned about him: He has an obsession with Ryan's hats. Mostly his work hat. He went from cuddly to crazy in about 1.5 months. But we still love him. He lives to bite feet. And fingers. And legs. And hands. And arms. And faces. And he really really likes food. And he has a name, but we mostly call him kitty so what is even the point.

It's Been A Couple Months...

I haven't really shared any details of the wedding. That's simply because my wedding was very, well, simple. Our ceremony was at Centennial Park in Coronado, CA at 2 P.M. Close family and friends were in attendance.

Altogether we had about 60 people show up. After the ceremony was over, we took family pictures, then our photographer took Ryan and myself and we walked around the island taking pictures as a married couple.

After that, we headed on down to our reception site, where I promptly changed out of my dress (for it was sucking the life out of me and I was thisclose to fainting.)  The reception was about as low-key as it gets. Held in the cultural hall of our church, minimal decoration, it was just a bunch of people hanging around, eating, and having a good time.

We did a couple of the traditional reception things.. the cake cutting, the toast.. but I didn't really want to do anything else. I am a pretty low maintenance kind of girl, and I am not a huge fan of all eyes on me. The one other thing I wish I would have done, though, is the first dance, and dance with my dad. Hindsight is 20/20. I don't regret not doing them, I just think it would have been a good thing to do.

NOW. We've been married for 2.5 months. And it's great. We're preparing to move across the country in just over 3 months. About the 28th of December we'll start our drive to Virginia, where Ryan will be stationed for the next 3 years. After that, who knows? We're both SO excited to experience the east coast, and are always talking about the trips we can take and things we can see. Neither of us have been to the east coast before, so living there should be quite interesting.

I got married

As it turns out, getting married made me want to burn this blog to the ground.

All I'm saying is, I was not a graceful bride to be. I hated planning, I was stressed, and I wanted it to be over. The last thing I wanted to do was get on my blog and document all the things I haven't done and need to do.

But here I am. I got married 2 weeks ago. I am now Kellie Barker.

We have an apartment in San Diego for the next 6 months, and at the end of the year we'll be moving somewhere else. We don't know where yet. It used to be Virginia for sure, but that has hit a snag and we could be going anywhere now. 

I like being married a lot. My husband is great. He buys me donuts and things.

A few pictures:

and a few photos taken by our photographer:

Tidbit of Information

When taking these pictures, the photographer told Ryan to list 5 things he can't wait to do when we're married. Unfortunately Ryan could only think of two.

"I can't wait to fart on you all the time.. and you can make me food." 

True love.

(PS just under 2 months til the big day!) 

engagement pictures

I went down to San Diego last weekend to take some engagement pictures with Ryan. The photographer we used posted a few on Facebook and I thought I'd share some of my favorites!

Putting a smile on my face


rainy skies:

Sweet messages:

Best dog friends:

Snow Day

Half an inch of snow is all it takes to close down schools in California. 
Also, gratuitous picture of my derpy dog.