San Diego-ish and Anaheim-y

I got to see boyfriend again this weekend, and in true fashion, we decided our time would be best spent at Disneyland. Hey, we're just trying to get the best use out of our annual passes. Plus, we both really wanted a Franken-fusion lemonade. They are delish.

Yet we only spent a few hours there. It was hot, and they were filming the Holiday Parade (or whatever) so it was really inconvenient to try and get anywhere. Everyone was crowding the sidewalks of Main Street trying to get a glimpse of some famous people. So we skedaddled (new favorite word) on out of there and went on a mission to find food.


Let me explain to you my food situation this weekend.

We went to Alberto's, because it's Alberto's and it's delicious. We were craving some Carne Asada fries and rolled tacos. We order Carne Asada fries and 10 rolled tacos, (we were hungry, ok?)
We get the food out and what did we get? Cheese enchiladas, a fish taco, Mexican pizza, and carne asada fries. I mean, we were even the only people in the drive through, so it's not like they mixed our orders up. Boyfriend ate the fries, I ate half of the nasty enchilada and threw everything else away. While the starving children in China wept. 

And the next day, we went to Pink's. I told boyfriend I wanted a chili cheese dog, he ordered me chili cheese fries. 

Basically, I didn't get to eat anything I wanted this weekend. This was also the worst story ever.

NEXT DAY. After a quick stop at Starbucks, and me actually uttering the words "Hold on! I have to Instagram this!" 

We headed over to Knott's Berry Farm (an amusement park) for a free day of fun. 
Active duty + 1 guest get in free for the month of November. Obviously we had to take advantage.

Lowlights: Our expectations for theme parks have been set ridiculously high.. so pretty much everything that is not Disney is a let down. One ride broke down right after we got off. Another ride had been shut down the day before, and guests were stuck 300 feet in the air for 3.5 hours. We lost our desire to ride the rides here.

Highlights: The pony express ride. You ride a horse while riding a rollercoaster. SO COOL.

But we were pretty much done after this ride. We ate and then made the trek back down to San Diego. And thennnn I had to leave. 
Leaving stinks.
A lot.
So much. 

And then I had to drive home, dead tired. I was genuinely surprised I made it home alive, and probably should have pulled over to take a quick nap at some point. But I'm tough, right? Sure.


Wynne Prasetyo said...

going to Disneyland, has always been the perfect date plan for me! too bad we do not have a theme park as dreamy as Disneyland here. glad you had a great date, although some rides broke down!

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Ashley said...

Yay for Disneyland!!!!

I'm pretty sure I had the same nail polish it the Shellac?

Corinne said...

Love all the trips to Disneyland you two take :)

I love your nailpolish! So pretty :)

Sam Morgan said...

All of your Disney posts are starting to make me feel Disney inadequate :) Maybe Albertos had someone not get their order and they just gave you their leftover order so they didn't have to make more food. haha.

Meg {henninglove} said...

you know i have lived in la for 10 years and have never been to pinks shame on me. but albertos was a staple growing up in college it was a rite of passing during fresh orientation weekend we quickly learned about albertos!

Alice said...

We really should hang out one day when you're in San Diego. Just sayin'. :) You gotta have the Carne Asada fries from Lolitas! SOOO GOOD!!!

Shaylynn, They Let Me Blog. said...

you clever witty girl.

I loved the fast food story believe it or not.

ya'll love that disneyland.

febrina utami putri said...

what a fun date you had there with your boyfriend! i always love going to any disneyland this the world, so far i've only been to hongkong's :(

Shay said...

You crack me up! And make me SO EXCITED to go to Disneyland in January- I am going to need to investigate this lemonade you speak of!