Seashells by the Seashore

Yesterday, boyfriend and I went on an excursion to La Jolla to look for seashells. Turns out, La Jolla does not have a good variety of shells. Also turns out, there were millions of these colorful little clam-things all over the beach and under the sand. Did you know they can move? I didn't, and it freaked me out. But they're pretty anyway.

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Then, since we were already in La Jolla, I convinced boyfriend to stop at Sprinkles so I could try these world famous cupcakes for the first time ever.


Verdict? YUM. They won me over with the not too sweet frosting, and the fact that there was more cupcake than frosting. Too often I go to cupcake places and end up with a wittle cupcake and a cup of frosting dumped on top. No thank you.


Recently Roached said...

I'm all about more cupcake than frosting :)

Emma Frances said...

I still haven't had Sprinkles! One of these days I will. They really do look so delicious! Also, those clam things are super cool looking! The moving would scare me too though! What a fun little date! And I'm following you on Instagram now! Woot! Woot!

Autumn said...

Looks so yummy! I would love to try one!

Confession...I have really only been to the beach twice. Second confession...I have never swam in the ocean.

Shaylynn... I BLAHWG. said...

Listen sister. Remember how we're not sisters. Just sayin'... I was in La Jolla last weekend, and now I miss it, and i bet you're so sad becasue you JUST missed me. This fall you won't, you'll find me at that mexican joint we keep blawhg commenting about.

sprinkles, appararently they're delicious. gees. I'm a loser, I just eat Pillsbury, and SOMETIMES when I feel like spending $3.75 on a cupcake I'll go to this place down the street.. and it's callllllllllled.. that place I can't afford to spend four dollars on a cupcake on so I can't think of it. Oh wait, THE SWEET TOOTH FAIRY.

I'm glad you know this about me now, we're so much closer. did you feel the bond? it's like we hugged.

Ashley R said...

Ew, I didn't know those things could move! I'm rarely at La Jolla, but if so I'm going to make sure to avoid them. Ick.

Also, delicious Sprinkles! Make sure you follow both the Sprinkles La Jolla and Sprinkles Facebook accounts, they put out "whisper words" every day for a free cupcake (they decide the flavor) if you can get there in time (usually it's about an hour before they're out) - one will do it in the morning, the other will do it in the afternoon.

Corinne said...

mmm those cupcakes look delicious!

t said...

I want to try those cupcakes!