A Birthday and Spaghetti

Saturday was Ryan's 24th burpday! Yay! (cough hint hack my birthday is this coming Saturday.)

It was up to him to decide what to do, and he decided we should drive up to the LA area to find him a bass guitar. He mapped out a bunch of stops along the way, one of them being the largest mall in California. He maaay have bought me a bottle of perfume I've been coveting while we were there. Ya. He bought me a gift on his birthday.


But to be fair, it's mostly because my birthday is this coming Saturday and he has duty, so we won't get to do anything. It was a guilt inspired gift, and I'm ok with that.

After that, our search for Ryan's new bass really began. Do you guys know how fun it is to go to 8 different Guitar Centers? Probably not, because it isn't fun. Not for the musically challenged girlfriend, anyway. At the very last stop, we finally found what he'd been looking for:


Purchased and out the door, on to dinner. We went to an old family favorite, Vince's. My dad's been going there since he was a kid, and he passed the love for the skeds on to us. In case you're not in tune with my lingo, skeds is short for spaghetti.

Photobucket Photobucket

We feasted. Actually, we both ate for about 5 minutes and then decided we were done. We share fickle tummies. After the short lived deliciousness, we drove by Disneyland, just because.. it's Disneyland. The conversation quickly turned to discussing the benefits of having annual passes. There are a lot of benefits, people. Namely unlimited happiness. Oh yeah. Annual passes are happening.


Corinne said...

Annual passes sound like a must!

And you two are adorable and I think it's great that you celebrated your birthdays together!

Shaylynn... I BLAHWG. said...

You earned that perfume. through and through. that guitar hunt sounds like going to the dentist.

listen sister, do you like how I just call you sister? I think I did in the last post.

I think I'm upset by just how much we missed each other.. stinkin st. george. move back, it's totally lame.

fyi. i need your address miss almost birthday, not even kinda joking. shaylynn575@yahoo.com do it. It'll cement as us friends. who doesn't want a card. who.

MessyDirtyHair said...

i love that kate spade perfume! i love all her perfumes they're so floral!

xx Kelly


Slamdunk said...

Ummm, happy early birthday to you--in case I miss the opportunity in a few days.

samnhal said...

Kate Spade perfume? Good choice! I wish perfume didn't attract mosquitoes. i miss smelling nice. Funny story, sometimes when we're in the capitol city we rub perfume ads in magazines on ourselves to finally smell nice. Happy Birthday!