Reunited and It Feels So Good

With my wiener dog, Daisy, that is.


I'll get to see boyfriend tomorrow. It's been just over a month since I saw him last and I am pretty much ecstatic to be living in the same city again. I mean, I've seen him twice since September of last year. TWICE, you hear? That is rough. Actually, that makes me want to cry.
But I'm all proud of him and what he's doing, so that makes it a little easier. But only a little easier.

Anyway, I never explained why I'm moving.

Boyfriend is stationed in San Diego. On Coronado to be exact. I have family in San Diego (and I lived there for 10 years) so I am lucky, and have the opportunity to move down there as well. So I am. Because I'm kind of really in love with boyfriend and my favorite thing to do is spend time with him.

I'm super excited for this new adventure. I'm going to be living in my favorite city on this planet, close to my favorite person on this planet. Many fun adventures will be had.


Kelsey said...

so excited for you! hope we can eventually meet up while you are here!! yay california!!

samnhal said...

That's great that you have family close to him. Hopefully you can see each other more now.

Corinne said...

Oh wow that is so exciting! So happy for you - sounds like many great things will come from this move!

Anonymous said...

I think when you love someone there are things that we just have to do in order to be with them!! I'm very happy for you!!!