The World Does Not Revolve Around You

This is a lesson I've learned from my job. The world does NOT revolve around you, sweet customer.. it surely does not.

Example 1.
I'm a cashier in an express lane. Generally 15-20 items or less. There is one other express lane open as well as 3 regular checkstands. Lady with a cart full of food comes to my line "I'm coming to this line because everyone else is busy."
Crickets chirped.
I glared.
And slowly a line of poor customers with only 2 or 3 things each formed behind the lady who took it upon herself to make up her own damn rules.

Example 2.
Working in the customer service booth. We do things like put Western Union orders through and pay bills, make money orders. Things that take a little more time. I'm helping a man with a Western Union when a lady comes up behind him in line. First the foot tapping begins. Then the deliberately loud sighs. Then she starts talking.
"Is there seriously no one else who can help right now? I have somewhere to be."
I ignore it and slow my pace a little just to piss her off. The poor man in front of me offers to let her go first, so she shoves her way up and hands me her crap. I take it and set it down.
"Well don't I need a receipt?"
"If you want a receipt you can wait until I'm finished helping this man. I already started, I can't cancel it." And I walk away. Still taking my time.
Even taking my time, she probably only waited 4-5 minutes tops. All the while whining about how she needs to BE somewhere, and how it's just ridiculous that there's only one person working in the customer service booth.
When I was paying her bill, the entire time she's just standing at my counter, sighing, tapping her foot, rolling her eyes, crossing her arms. Hello. I'm pretty sure you're about 45, not 5.

I took my sweet time finishing her order.

To summarize:
It irritates me that grown women (and men) will act like this. Like that store was erected and built for them and all employees there are there to help them. Jerks.


Corinne said...

HOW RUDE! It amazes me how blunt and just plain pathetic grown adults can act. It's embarrassing! How can we expect our future generations to be warm hearted, loving and helpful individuals when there are few-too-many people like that roaming the world. :(
(I love that you took your time, I would have done the same thing!)

L!$@ said...

Man! I can't believe what some people do. That second woman would have ticked me off so bad! and I probably would've served the other guy still.

samnhal said...

I know exactly what you mean! I worked at a grocery store as a bagger and cahsier for 3 years in High School. People can be SO rude.

Anonymous said...

The nerve of some people!! My mom works at a bakery as a cashier, and also tells me such disturbing situations!