A Day Late and..

A dollar short, yada yada.

Yesterday marked 2 1/2 years of boyfriend and I dating.

I'm sorry I've been kind of absent, but my mind has been focused on the fact that I have 3 days left with the person I love more than anything. Gosh I make it sound so dramatic, right? How about, I have 3 days left until I will be unable to see him/ speak to him/ text him for a little over TWO months. I mean, we're going back to the stone age and our communication will be letters. That's a long dang time.

I am having a hard time with getting it through my head that things will not be the same after he leaves. Part of it is denial, part of it is the fact that reality usually doesn't set in until it's actually... reality. The denial part is me thinking about french fries to keep myself from crying when people bring up his leaving. That is a true story, by the way. French fries. Try it. It works.

Putting things into perspective helps me cope a little too. You see, boyfriend and I started out long distance. We'd do our best to see each other once a month, but sometimes the distance and money restraints were too much and we wouldn't get to see each other for 2 months.

It was hard for us to get from the long-distance point to where we are now. It took over a year for us to finally live in the same town. So facing the reality that we are going back to the distance is very tough. So my best reassurance is my faith. And my belief that we are meant for each other. The real test starts in just a few days, and I hope I'm prepared.


(This is our second date.. in april 09. I can't believe I used to dress like that.)




Cherie said...

Long distance is terrible! But I'm sure you can make it work if you both love and care about each other the way you seem to. Good luck!

Cherie @ Refractions

L!$@ said...

You will do better than you think I'm sure :D You can do it!! French fries in hand if needed :P