Busy With Instagrams

I've been keeping busy by..


Eating food that will clog my arteries


Watching my favorite movies


Writing letters to Ryan (and reading his to me obsessively.)


Putting smelly crap on my face to get rid of zits.

Things I've also been doing that haven't been picture worthy:

Watching Doctor Who.
Driving around aimlessly.
Searching the webs for plane tickets to Chicago.
Wishing I had more money.
Drinking too much water.


Elysie Piecie said...

Aren't letters the best? I've always thought they were so romantic. And who doesn't like getting mail that isn't bills? I've never seen Fantastic Mr. Fox, but I'm guessing I probably should. Yay for watching Doctor Who! I'm so glad you finally understand EXTERMINATE! :D

Vanessa said...

Mmm the food is making my stomach growl!

I, too, wish I had more money. & I wish I was looking at plane tickets to chicago too!

Happy weekend girly!

Amanda said...

Thanks for the comments on our house :)

I looooooove snail mail and adore that you guys send it to each other :) You will love to read those yeaaaaars and years from now! I have never seen Fantastic Mr. Fox?! need to put that one on my list for sure!

Enjoy your weekend!

L!$@ said...

Ahhh I love Doctor Who :D At least the water will balance out the food :P