That's my 'Cashier Face.' If any of you have been a cashier, you probably know what I mean. It's just a universal face that I give to all of the creepy, smelly, mean, rude, old people that come in droves during your shift.

I promise I have a normal face for the rare, elusive, 'nice' people.. but it's a harder face to capture than the above.

Hey. You deal with people getting pissed at you over the price of spaghettios and butter, and try to be nice to them.


Nicole said...

Oh I know that face! All to well! lol I am a receptionist for grumpy people in pain! I am onlyt happy at 3:30 when I am outta there =D

samnhal said...

I know what you mean! I don't miss my days of being a cashier or bagger. Hopefully they're over forever!

Makay said...

I swear you get cuter as time passes! Missed you bloggy friend!

Vanessa said...

I do not miss working directly with the public at all. It's much easier to deal with them over the phone!