No Pictures!

I feel like that's a fair warning. This will be a wordy post and a picture-less one at that. I've realized that since March when I stopped my regular blogging, a lot has happened. And I've told you guys pretty much nothing about any of it. So I'm going to do that here! In bullet form. While I'm typing in the dark looking out my window at the thunder/lightning storm we are getting right now.

  • I was promoted at work. I'm using the term 'promoted' very loosely. I basically got a dollar raise, (should have gotten $1.75 raise.) I'm a cashier now, and I'm also trained to work in the bakery. And I also am a bagger still. Should I find a new job? Probably.. But something is stopping me. Probably my irrational fear of interviews.

  • That dear boyfriend of mine joined the Navy. He will be leaving on September 13th, and I'm kinda sorta a little very much lost. While still being very proud of him and happy for him. It's a very messed up situation for my poor girly hormones.

  • I've gone on many a trip, including several trips to Cedar City. We also had a trip to San Diego which included a Padres game and trip to the zoo, and nauseous car rides. I went home for a few days to see my parents. My brother got married. Day trip to Vegas. And most recently we took a several day trip to Blanding for the fourth of July. I have never experienced such an American fourth. Parades, fairs, turkey legs, hot weather and lots of blowing stuff up. It made me proud to be an American.

  • We moved. Not far away, just to a different home. This took place one whole day after we got back from our trip to San Diego. We moved an entire house in one day. With the help of about 8-10 people.. and it was not fun. But we're settled now and things are looking up.... or at least looking flat. Instead of always looking down. So that's good.

  • I'm actually pretty sure that's it. It sure sounded like a lot more in my brain.. but it's still a good amount of stuff that has gone on in the past 3 months, I think.

    K bye!


Elysie Piecie said...

I have a lot of friends who have military husbands/boyfriends. While I may not be able to empathize, I can definitely sympathize. Stay strong, girl. If you ever need to chat, feel free to email me :)

Chelsea Elizabeth. said...

Wow, a lot has been going on! I know it will be hard seeing your boyfriend leave. My dad was in the marine corp for 25 years and it was never easy seeing him go, I can't imagine it being the guy I'm with but I'm sure you will be okay. Just do a lot to keep yourself busy and stay strong. :)
And hey, at least your getting a dollar more! And your 4th of July sounds amazing.

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

Slamdunk said...

Glad to hear about the good things going on there. Congrats to your bf and thanks for his willingness to serve.

Corinne said...

You have been a busy gal the past 3 months! I think it's amazing that your bf signed up for the Navy, but I can completely understand why that would be a little hard to completely swallow. Stay strong, girl!

samnhal said...

What are you going to do once he leaves in September? Are you going to move? That's so hard!