Update of All Updates

It's going to be another one of "those" weeks.. so I figure I'll get my updates out of the way now. You know, while I should be sleeping.

Mother's day was fun. Well, actually it wasn't that great. I cleaned the house for my mom, then my brother sent her 24 red roses. The kind that come in a box. So I took those out and cut the stems and arranged them in their vase. They are the most beautiful red roses I have ever seen.. this coming from a girl who has no affinity for roses. At all.

That night my boss called me and asked me to work in the morning..again. At work today she asked if I'd work mornings all week. I told her I'd like to have my regular shift Tuesday and Thursday, because of school. So what does she do? Makes me work Tuesday and Friday. Ok.

After work I died of headacheyness. Let me tell you, I am NOT good with waking up early. 5:30 is too early for me. I am an 8 o clock girl. So I took a forever on and off nap.. from about 1 til 5:30. No, I didn't sleep the entire time. I wish. I was mostly cowering, trying to block out any light and noise that would trigger the pounding in my head, which would trigger my gag reflex. I'm so not looking forward to going through this again tomorrow.

That's what my week will consist of. That's it. Work.
I have to go to school this week, I have a paper due tomorrow. Have I started it? No. Will I write it tomorrow in the hour between work and school? Yes. Will I get an A? Yes. My teacher is eeeasy.

Good news though.. I am going to Disneyland on Saturday with boyfriend! I love that boy something fierce. It's going to be a wonderful time. And I have not yet decided if I'm going to lug my camera around this time.. we shall see.

So my friends.. that's it. I am going to finish my week and have a fun weekend. Hopefully sleep a lot. I hope you all have a great week/weekend.


Marissa said...

Enjoy your trip with the BF!

Kirsty said...

TAKE YOUR CAMERA! I want to see Mickey!

And... I'm also not a rose girl. But those flowers have a sneaky way of overwhelming a girl :)

Ang said...

awesome! Disney... I've only been once, and I was 5. I'm jealous. Have a great time and a great week!!

Corinne said...

I haven't ever been to Disneyland or Disneyworld! I'm so jealous!!!

Hopefully the headaches don't return today :(

Makay said...

LUCKYYYY! DISNEYLAND? I haven't been ever... nor disney world... I do believe I have been deprived. haha.

TAKE your camerrrrra. :)


Sam said...

i hope the headaches stay away!

and have fun at disney! :)

kelzone said...

"what are you doing this weekend?"
"oh, you know, i'm just going to disneyland with my boyfriend. what are you doing?"
"oh, you know, i'm just working all day saturday."

Anonymous said...

Well the weekend is just around the corner!! Hope you enjoy yourself tons!

Sarah said...

How fun!!! I have never been. Hope you have a great time, and hope the lines are really short:)