Sometimes.. I get a cute new outfit.


Sometimes.. I ace my history mid term. 100/100.


Sometimes.. I wear my happy earrings to remind me to smile.


Sometimes.. I get a pretty new super special book. Yes. I got my own scriptures.


Sometimes I work out and feel great.
Sometimes I repaint my closet and it looks fabulous.

And sometimes one person ruins everything for me.


Hope Chella said...

I hope no one ruins anything for you! This is an adorable post :)

Have a great Tuesday,
Hope =)

Kate said...

Don't let anybody ruin all of that for you. Make the choice to be happy anyway. I love you!

Sam said...

Your outfit is adorable, acing a test is amazing (I've never done that), those earrings are super cute, and engraved books are sweet! Oh, and that one person? Unless this one person is family, you should reconsider your relationship with them if they're capable of ruining such a great day. If it is family, then I'm really sorry :( Maybe try talking to them how they hurt you? **INTERNET HUGS***

amanda leeann said...

this made me sad!


you have my number if you need me!

yay on your test (love when i do that!) & i love those earrings!

Slamdunk said...

Hopefully you are able to mute the one person. Congrats on the 100%--that is always an accomplishment.

Leah said...

Don't let that one person ruin your fabulous day. Concentrate on being happy. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Girl you own it, you rock it! Don't let anyone ruin anything for you! Of course, get angry let it out and move on or else they shall be victorious and not you.

But GOD I know what you mean sometimes people can suck big time and make you lose your head with anger!!!! BIG HUGS!

Nikita said...

Awesome! I love everyone of them!

Corinne said...

I was going through and saying "aww that's awesome!" and "omg I LOVE that skirt" and then I read the last line and pouted.

Hope that you don't let that person get you too down!

Alyssa said...

no one can destroy your day unless you let them! chin up x

Taylor-Made Wife said...

focus on the positive things you just mentioned. And remember that NO ONE has the right to change your mood, except for you.

kelzone said...

100%?!? dang girl! congrats!