My Face

This is my face...


When it's 42 degrees, in the California desert.. in the middle of April.
When the wind is blowing a consistent 35 mph
When my car is just plain stupid.
When I have a mountain of homework waiting to be finished.
As well as a mountain of laundry
When all I do is make people mad and say stupid things.
When I am so sick of being teased at work.
When I have to go work out for 2 hours tonight.
When my bank account is looking pathetic.
When my face is breaking out terribad.

It's also my face when.. even though I am stressed, and unhappy, and seriously PMSing.. I am determined to be silly. Because nothing changes until you do.


Summer {Bisfor...} said...

i am taking a break from blogger but wanted to tell you that nothing beautiful ever scares me away. you, my dear, are soooooo flippin pretty.

pms = the c word

kelzone said...

i feel was 75 degrees on tuesday and yesterday it was snowing....NOT happy about it.