Room Renovations

I have decided to re-do my room! I am thoroughly unsatisfied with it's current appearance.. leeet me tell you. So I have made a checklist of things to accomplish to renovate it. I also decided to do one new project a week, on Sundays. This helps me to get in the habit of staying home on Sundays, which is something I desperately need to learn.

So, my checklist. I started small today, and got one item checked off.

-Replace crusty old wire hangers with plastic ones.
-Re-paint! (I'll work on this through the week, doing the majority Sunday) First going to re-paint the inside of my closet.. yes, I really am that anal. Then going to re-paint the trim, and on Sunday I'll do the walls. I'll get around to showing you all the current color of my walls. I'm scared you'll all gag, but it's a risk I'm willing to take ;)
- Get something for my shoes. I know this will gross some people out..but whatevs. In the summer, we get bugs here. They like to crawl in shoes if you leave them on the floor. I have more than once stuck my foot into a bug filled shoe.. I'd like that to stop.
- Find a bookshelf. Preferably a portable one.. so I can take it with when I move. (This goes for everything I'll be buying.)
- Get a nightstand.
- Organize my under the bed organization thingies. Yeah.. they need it.
- Find some way to organize my jewelry. It's currently hanging here and there and thrown everywhere.
- Purchase a mirror! That's right, I have no mirror in my room. It drives me nuts.
- Decorate the walls.
- etc

I'm sure I'll add more things as time goes on. It's going to have to be a somewhat spread out project cause hey.. I'm not rich. But I think it'll be fun to get my mind off of life by taking on and finishing these projects. So ya.

P.S. Tomorrow I'm going to get my own set of scriptures. Yay!


Sam said...

Painting your room will be fun! I would not be allowed to do that at my parents house. I can't wait to have my own place to decorate! (since I'm about to move back home and out of this apartment!). Bugs in shoes?? Eeek! That would scare me like crazy!

Alyssa said...

i always had jewellery strewn everywhere then i bought a bracelet stand, like in the stores, ill twit pic it...

its saved my life!

Alexa Mae said...

i need to do some of those things on your list! its the spring cleaning mode kicking in. I can't wait to see the finished product of your room! and yay for your scriptures!


p.s. if you ever need to talk, email me girl! xoxo

Kanwalful said...

Sounds good. I need to give my room a bit of cleaning up and renovation too. Except I know lazy me will never get down to cleaning it.

Ang said...

awesome way to keep your mind busy! and what a great idea! Cannot wait to see pictures!

Kirsty said...

I LOVE re-doing my room, shifting everything around, making it the boho lovenest I've always wanted it to be... :) Now I just need to work on the love part!!

Corinne said...

ooo that sounds fun! I love to redecorate or change things up! I get bored easily, so something new or placed in a different spot prevents me from getting too "caved in".

The Childlike empress said...

i didnt have a mirror in my apartment for years...i dont know how i lived with out it. Thank goodness for digital cameras so i could take photos of myself to check if my outfit matched my shoes and then delete them afterwards!

Miss Koree said...

ugh! i always get tired of the layout of my room. good to see you're actually getting up and doing something about yours. :)
you have a cute blog!

Vanessa said...

Uhm bugs? in your shoes? Where you stuck your feet?! I am now going to look into every shoe I put on my feet!

Have fun!

Summer {Bisfor...} said...

you ok, lovey????

Anonymous said...

Re-decorating can be so much work but yet soo much fun! I hope that in the near future I can re-decorate my room aswell. Hope you get all your goals done!

OceanDreams said...

I can't wait to see how it turns out, sounds like you have a lot of great ideas.