The Progression





(Me and Mario are BFFFFFFs. Just kidding. I can pretend ok?)



There you have it. I went from having lots of friends.. to having zero friends. I love my online friends. But I miss having people to actually do stuff with. I'm so tired of being alone. I go to Target alone. The mall alone. Grocery store alone. School alone. Gym alone. Then I sit in my bedroom, alone. I'm lonely. Sick of being alone. It brings me to tears sometimes.. having no friends is a terrible thing. It's one of the worst feelings I've ever had.


kelzone said...

having transferred twice i think i can honestly say i know the feeling. i'm really sorry. and i wish i lived in socal cause i would hang out with you. i really hope things start to look up for you.

lady lee said...

why no friends my dear?

is there a small group you can join at church to meet some peeps and be encouraged?

How far are you from Ohio? I'll go to Target with you. We'll get popcorn and slushies and visit every department.

Alexandria said...

You are not alone. I know I may only be an ibff but I heart you still.

Bri said...

i'll be your buddy! hahaa, pretty much everything you listed from target to the gym are my favorites =)

Kaitlin said...

I'm in the same boat as you. I'm trying to rekindle some friendships and make some more, but it's tough.

I hope you become un-lonely soon.

Ang said...

have you ever used the site Generally there are tons of groups in every area for different topics. Then you plan meetups based around your interests... might be worth looking into. Then you'll find some friends with similar interests.

Keep your chin up... people come around when you least expect it; you can't lock yourself away though! :)
Hope it gets better for you dear!

Corinne said...

I completely know what you mean. After completing my undergrad, I decided I would move 800+ miles to live with my boyfriend. While I'm happy that I'm near him (finally after 2 years of long distance), I HATE that I don't have any friends here. Sure, I have him, but I miss my girls. I miss have girl talk, girl motivation for the gym.
We're like the same person.
So I'm totally with you and understand!

The Childlike empress said...

having no friends around you sure isnt fun but i'm sure that you also have friends who arent close by....
even thought they arent there i'm sure that they wouldnt want you to be feeling lonely, give them a call, just chatting to them will cheer you up.

Makay said...

I'm sorry. You have to go to school, and the gym, "public areas" and be bold. Stick your hand out to someone and introduce yourself. That is the only way you are going get some friends. Trust me it works and it is authentic and geniune.


Ashley said...

I feel your pain. I had a few friends in high school... more in college...then after... zero. It's rather sucky. You already know I wished I lived in socal for obvious reasons (like sunshine and warmth in the winter)...but I know if I did I would totes be your friend.