I need need need to do a thankful list. Because even when things go to crap, there are still things worth smiling for.
I'm thankful for..

- My family. I love my brothers so much. My mom and dad are ok too. (Jokes!) My grandparents are awesome. I have 2..soon to be 3 beautiful nieces. My sisters-in-law are all wonderful. Mostly. And my cousin is one of my very best friends. So that is definitely something to be thankful for.

- My job. I kinda hate it sometimes.. but I kinda love it most of the time. My coworkers are the nicest people.. and hello. The hours are awesome. The pay isn't too shabby either.

- Not being a lazy quitter. That's plenty for me to be thankful for. Sometimes "I just don't want to" isn't a good enough reason to quit. I've definitely messed up in the past but I'm glad that I'm determined to succeed now.

- Boyfriend. He's smooth. And handsome. And he loves me even though I'm crazy and super moody. And he introduced me to the best thing ever, which leads me to..

- Being baptized. I know it's the right decision. I know that everything I've learned is true. I know I'll be a happier person after this coming weekend. I'm so happy and excited about my decision.

- Trials. I know it's a kind of stupid thing to be thankful for.. but I am. I'm glad that hardships are thrown my way. They make me a better person. A stronger person. I'm glad I'm the kind of person who is able to learn from these things. Because some people really never do learn.. and continue their lives thinking everyone else is the reason things never go right for them.

- In some..also stupid way, I'm thankful for having no friends in this place. It will make moving so much easier. I am actually pretty excited to leave.

- My car. JUST KIDDING. I hate my car. Just kidding car, I love you, please don't break down on me (again.)

- Forcing myself to do things. If I had it my way, I'd curl up in a ball and stay that way for as long as I could. Giving myself room for bathroom breaks of course. And maybe to change movies. Alas, I force myself to do things, even if I have to go it alone. Just like I will force myself to go to the gym in an hour and a half. It keeps me from turning into a depressed hag.

- Speaking of the gym. Working out is great. It makes me feel like I'm doing something to slim the size of my tummy. Working out also makes me thankful for iPods.. otherwise I'd have no excuse to ignore the creepy guys and other people I'd just rather not talk to.

This is a pretty pathetic thankful list, isn't it? I just needed a little picker upper (or whatevs) to make me feel less poopy after last night.


Sam said...

No, this isn't a pathetic list! I'm on the same boat with my car. Such a love/hate relationship. :)

leigh ashley said...

hi kellie! thanks for the comment! i don't really like the snow either {unless i can put my sweats on and curl up in front of my fireplace with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate}...

i like this post, btw... it's not always the easiest thing to find the good things in life, but it's so important!

looking forward to talking more!

Lauren said...

Not pathetic at all! It is always awesome to find something to be thankful for in the bad times :)

Rasha said...

I like your list!! and I love making them, cause we have lots to be thankful for.

Corinne said...

This is NOT a pathetic list! I agree with some of them and I thank you for reminding me to be thankful for the simple things in life. I think I have a "i'm thankful for..." list coming soon!

I hope you have a wonderful, sun-shiny day! :)

Busy Bee Lauren said...

I LOVE your list. And I am so excited for you! love you, iBFF.

Anonymous said...

I think it's not pathetic, it is a wonderful list. And we should all learn to be thankful for all the things we have been given.