I'm guessing the reason no one said anything on my last post, is because they saw my picture and immediately vomited or fainted or something.
I'm sorry for being ugly.

If you're thinking..
"Did she really just go there?"

I did. I went there, came back and went again.
PMS is a biatch.


Allison said...

UGLY?? Never in a MILLION years would I use that to describe you- you're beautiful! And you're right, PMS STINKS BAD.

Corinne said...

Oh my goodness girl you shouldn't think that! Not in a million years! I was thinking "huh? What acne?!"
Me + PMS = scary zoombie who not only looks ridiculous, but acts a little (ok, REALLY) crazy.

Seee???? You are NOT as bad as you think you are. And, if you reallllly think you are, at least know you aren't alone ;)

lady lee said...

haha, you aren't ugly! Are you kidding me???

You look like nicole kidman, but young.

No fact I'm offended that you think you do have acne...cause GURL I've had some acne in my day.

Don't worry Kellie :) things will look up. You are a delight.

Makay said...

You are gorgeous! Don't let me hear that again! :) haha.

I agree with lady lee. :) you do look like a young nicole kidman.

I didn't post a comment due to the fact my sweet 16 party is saturday, and the end of the 6 weeks is monday. SOOOO... I am uber-busy.

OH! PMS SUCKS! Sorry. :)

eat some chocolate.

Love, makay

Slamdunk said...

The dreaded P thing. I'll lurk later when it is safe for guys...

Ang said...

haha... girl, you're silly. had you give me time to catch up on my blog reader I would have left you a comment for sure. Now it would seem like I was doing it out of sympathy... so I'm not gonna go there. Which is stupid really. hope your PMS goes away quick like... it sucks bigtime (i know!)

Sarah said...

that's just craziness...the reason I didn't respond to the post was because I was reading it at work and they blocked the picture out!

Nicole said...

you worry me sometimes lil lady! You are adorable! =D