I am thankful for:

My ibffs. You all are the most lovely people I've met. I love the care, encouragement and support I get from each of you. Seriously blows my mind that some of my very best friends I met on the internet.

Good hair days. They're ya know.. good! They give me a much needed confidence boost.

Warm weekends. All it has been lately is rain rain rain rain rain. It's so nice to get sunshine and warmth finally. Hopefully it stays!

The song "There Is A God" I don't care if you hate country... listen. It made my day.

Overhearing my coworkers talk. One of the ladies is a 5 year cancer survivor, and they were talking about how people need to realize cancer isn't a death sentence. I just stood there eating pizza. It was a good listen though.

Boyfriend's mom. She is seriously so nice to me.. I don't understand it. I love it, but I don't understand it. It gives me warm fuzzies to know someone thinks I'm a good person though.

Working out again. After half a year of no running, I made a mile in like, 8 minutes. Don't laugh.. I was so excited. I was dying, but so excited.

My belief is God. It's as simple as that.

The missionaries who have spent so much time teaching me, and haven't given up. I mean seriously. In July it'll have been a year since I started learning. Awesome right?

My quiet, simple, boring life. Would I like to have more of a life? Definitely. Would I like to be well on my way to moving on and out of this place? Oh yes. Am I content though? Yes. I am. I know that where I am is where I'm supposed to be...for now. I know that in time I'll make those lifelong friends. I know in time I'll be exactly where I want to be in my life. For now, I'm going to sit tight and be patient. And thankful for where I am, who I am, what I have.

(P.S. I have been completely obsessed with the color red lately.)


kelzone said...

definitely NOT laughing at an 8 minute mile---it takes time for me to work down to that.
i'm really so happy for you (and slightly jealous). i love feeling content with life. it doesn't happen all the time, but when it does it just feels good.

Leah said...

Great that your BF's mom likes you a lot... that's a very good sign, believe me. Have a great day Kellie! xoxo

Alyssa said...

sit tight be patient and good things will come :)


Taylor-Made Wife said...

Its great that you have a good relationship with your bf mom! 8 minute mile is awesome!