Did You Know?

I love dancing in the dark.

I'm not, and never have been 'cool' and I'm ok with that.

Three things in this world never fail to make me happy:
And I have plenty of all three.

Sometimes I don't delete the junk mail from my email inbox, because I don't want to be disappointed by no new messages when I check again.

My favorite thing to do on a summer day is wash my car.

I'm the kind of person that will give you everything, or nothing. It usually starts as everything, and ends at nothing.

My dream birthday present would be nothing but 50 brightly colored balloons. Can you imagine the fun that would be had with that many balloons?

I want to live in Washington.

Naps very well may be the solution to everything.

I hate that I don't have anything in my life to blog about. I'd love to show you all a little more of me.. but I'm just so boring.

I don't think Robert Pattinson is attractive. Ew.

I don't usually tell people things unless they ask.

Self-control is just not my thing.

My dream for my life.. become a teacher. Be loved. And have a killer closet full of amazing clothes.

And I've decided..



Sarah said...

You are going to make an amazing teacher! Good luck with that closet! By the way, your dog is so frieking cute...I have a Dotson too-Bella(yes, she was named after THE Bella!)
Have a good weekend!

LibbyLayla1984 said...

hi ! I awarded you the Happy 101 Award! Enjoy

Alexa Mae said...

YOU are amazing. you don't need anything to blog about besides your life your living because i love reading it. you are so authentic and that is hard to find these days. what books are your favorite? i need a good one. not one thats going to be a movie either...hehe. i ♥ you! and you're right...that many balloons would be amazing!

Alexandria said...

You do not think Robert Pattinson is attractive? Say wha?!

It's okay. I still love you! Haha

amanda leeann said...

i feel like we have so much in common.

& i, for one, love your posts about your life. they're you! that's all that matters =]

Sam said...

Just saw Remember Me and Rob was so incredibly sexy. You crazy! :D

Kaitlin said...

I think you're awesome!

I agree with you on the Rob Pattison thing. I like my Rob better! ;) (my hubs name is Rob)

I don't have very much to blog about either. My life is full of work and hanging out at home. Not that I'm complaining. Love my little family. :)

Marci Darling said...

I feel like if I ever ran my hand through Rob's hair, it would get stuck ;)

Alyssa said...

I absolutely love this list :)

50 balloons- perfect.

R Patz- yeah really really dont see the attraction. Grease ball grossness!

emilia. said...

Cute, cute blog! Ah I love it. :) I will be back!

P.S. Love that picture. So true.

Kelley said...

It's great to finally find someone that doesn't think Robert Pattinson is cute. Thought I was the only one.

Kate said...

Just as good: dancing in the washroom while brushing your teeth. I know you do it too!

The Ashes said...

Thats a great list. :)

The Childlike empress said...

what a lovely post....your right fifty balloons would be amazing...they just have that ability to make me smile!

Ang said...

I agree about naps!

(ps. I had to google that Robert dude to see who he even was.. and I agree, he is NOT sexy.)

I like reading your blog, so you must be a little interesting :)

Taylor-Made Wife said...

I don't think R. Patt is very attractive either.