In Other News

Did I tell you guys I finally went to church on Sunday? After months of being asked to go? No? Well I did. I went and I pretty much loved it. I loved how I felt all day after. How I couldn't stop smiling.
Oh yeah, and I went to this church.
Boyfriend gets the credit for introducing me to it. Pretty much the best thing he's ever done for me.

On another note.
School started yesterday. I hope you can all lend me every ounce of your motivation so I can make it through Chemistry. Pretty please. Not to mention the other classes. Yuck. I was going to try for straight A's but that seems very unlikely with Chemistry. So straight almost A's is going to be my goal this semester.

I think that's all I have to say....
No wait! It's 71 degrees outside in the middle of February. I love California!

NOW I'm done.


Mormon Bachelor Pad said...

That's awesome! Not the chemistry part. The church part. I love it!


Marci Darling said...

This isn't boring at all!!
YAY for loving Church!
And I'm rooting for you in school. Straight A's are something I would love :)
And I'm jealous of your weather.

Sam said...

I've never gotten straight A's in college. It seems impossible! Good luck! And I'm really really really really really raelly really really really really really jealous that it is 71 degrees where you are. flip those two numbers around and that's how cold it was this morning. Gahh!!! :(

Grace said...

Good Luck in Chemistry!! I took it last semester and it really isn't as bad, I actually enjoyed it. :)
As for getting straight A's you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.
And you're awesome for going to church. I haven't been in months and I probably should start attending...
By the way I'm jealous that you live in California, it's cold here in Utah. Yuck!

Kellie said...

Calvin- Yay! I have to hand some credit out to my blog pals too.. you guys kept me interested in reading and talking to the missionaries!

Marci- I just love you!

Sam- I haven't gotten straight A's yet either. I'm hoping to improve my grades so when I transfer, other colleges can see I mean business.

Grace- I hope it turns out like that for me too.. heh :-)

kelzone said...

you just HAD to add that 71 degrees bit at the end, didn't you? just kidding.
yay church...i always feel really happy the day of and day after too. i just need to get to that everyday.
um sorry but i don't even have motivation for myself as far as school goes, let alone to give any away. but maybe if i give it away it will come back-like karma. so here you go--STRAIGHT A'S!

Sarah said...

Good for you for getting to church!! I used to be an every-Sunday type of gal, but for some reason I haven't been in a year.
Good luck with school--you can do it..straight A's and all!

Amy said...

I'm glad you went to church. I've been slightly inactve these past couple of months and I seriously notice a difference....I've been feeling down and miserable all the time. But I went with Fiance this weekend and I already feel much better! I don't know what I'd without the church in my life. I wish everyone could have the opportunity to go. I'm glad you like it!

And ya- We are the luckiest human beings being in socal at this time of year. I left the house in shorts and a tank top today. Boo-ya!!!

Ryan The Writer said...

Church is true.

Alexa Mae said...

i LOVE the feeling after going to church too. and if i don't go, it throws off my whole week. it renews me every sunday. i'm glad you love it, i'm glad your boyfriend took ya. you are amazing, and gorgeous and very smart! you will rock at chemistry. (wish i could help but sometimes i forget if chemistry is math or science. hehe)

Vanessa said...

I'm so jealous of the beautiful weather you are having. I'm pretty convinced the snow here will be on the ground until April. I kinda forget what grass looks like. Ugh.

Hang in there, you'll make it through school and kick Chemistry's butt!!

Lauren said...

You will do awesome in school, I know it!

Yay for going to church! I love that it made your day :)

OceanDreams said...

Hope school is going well for you darlin and glad you made it to church!