Utah.. take 3.

(Just for the record.. I'm in a horrible mood right now. PMS multiplied by like.. 50. Everything and everyone is irritating me so badly. And yes, I'm being dramatic about it. Because I'm a girl, I can, and I don't care what you think.)

So I left for Utah right after work. And by right after work I mean about 2 hours later. I tried though, sort of.

We got there pretty late. Like 9 or so. Why? Because we love Walmart. We had to stop at the one in Mesquite. You know.. to stretch our legs. And be fascinated by the fact that they had benches in there. BENCHES! Come on now.


Anywho. We got to St. George and Bianca went on her merry little way to Salt Lake. Except it turned out not to be so merry because it snowed on her. And yes, she did scare me half to death when she called talking about how horribly it was snowing. But she got her friend to meet her where she pulled off and they drove back together.

Now back to St. George. Boyfriend decided to tell me we were going to go play a game or whatever with his friends. Ok cool. Except we played games (that I had no idea how to play) until 2 in the morning. Needless to say I was pretty tired.. considering I'd been up since 6. But it was fun. His friends are nice.

The next day he let me sleep in until 9! Ya.. right. That was cool I guess. Then we walked through the Parade of Homes thingy. And it was fun. Looking at expensive houses is always fun... then we got Cafe Rio (highlight of my day!) and went to Walmart/Target for: Fruit snacks, funfetti cake mix, chocolate milk and Legos. I know you're jealous of the fun that ensued that night.

Because it was awesome. You don't even know. We built some complicated thing with the legos while eating fruit snacks.. then baked our cake. He watched Olympics while I took pictures of hand holdy goodness. That's just the kind of thing I do..


Then we played Boom Blox. And he won..coughcough.

Sunday Ryan decided to sleep in until noon. Then we went to church.. sort of. I wore my awesome new dress/tights. Got plenty of funny looks from people.


Then we got a 50 piece chicken nugget thing, and went to look at some more expensive homes. Then we went back to his house and I was mopey and sad because I had to leave.

Then I left. And almost cried. ALMOST. But I'm a big girl.

That was Utah.

(P.S. I also thought this was awesome:

Photobucket )


Taylor-Made Wife said...

I'm glad you had such an eventful and fun weekend. I'm not gonna lie though, after you mentioned funfetti cake mix thats pretty much where my mind stayed focused

Marci Darling said...

I don't know why you got funny looks-- that outfir is FANTASTIC!

Little Miss Paige said...

YOur outfit is love.

Little Miss Paige

Sam said...

What a fun trip! I love the photo of you two holding hands.. I have photos like that too :)

Anonymous said...

Wal-mart does rock.

Alexandria said...

Oh em gee! I went to Arkansas to visit my bff a couple of years ago and I was AMAZED by the benches in Wal-Mart.

the hand holding picture is the cutest thing of my life.

You look like a hottness monster in your foxy dress! Holla!

Glad you had a fun time. It makes me happy to see you happy! xoxo

Andy said...

I love it when I notice things like 1234.5 on the dashboard. I am very impressed.

Lauren said...

Hey foxy lady! That outfit is rockin!

I also love looking at expensive houses. It's fun to dream big :)