I Am Not Perfect

I get mad very easy, over some of the stupidest things.
I'm lazy beyond belief.
I'd rather listen than talk.. or suffer an awkward silence, than talk.
I'm stubborn.
I'm indecisive.
I have no self control whatsoever.
I have no true talents.
I have a short attention span.
I've never been great in school.
To sum it up, I am nothing but average.


I am a happy person.
I care about other people more than myself.
I give the people around me, the best of me.
I have a curious soul.
I love.
I am determined.
I am independent. Even if it doesn't always show.
I am me.
And since there is only one of me.. I'm the perfect me.



Lauren said...

No you are not a bad person, you are an amazing person! Don't forget it!

You are the perfect you and we wouldn't want you any other way!

Alexandria said...

You are special. Sorry but it is true. There is only one of you, good or bad it IS special.

I agree with Lar, we would not want you any other way. You my friend are fabulous! xoxo

Krysten Hartenstein said...

Hi. Stopping by from 20SB.

I think as long as you're happy with yourself and you surround yourself with good people that you are truly blessed.

Allison said...


lady lee said...

you should have ended it with ...and I have a nice arse.

:) just kidding

you're great!

Alexa Mae said...

i love you! i love that you a real. and you are amazing!

amanda leeann said...

i love this.

i need to remember this.

'i'm the perfect me'. this is profound, you know that right?

love you!

Anonymous said...

That is awesome cause you are the perfect you!!

Have a wonderful weekend chica!

Kellie said...

Alexa.. no, you are amazing! :)

I love you all!

Sara-Jane Elizabeth said...

You're wonderful, Kellie. Truly. There's nothing better than being yourself, through and through!

I love, love, love you, girl! You're one of my favorites.

uhski said...

Aww I love this and those aren't necessarily faults or bad attributes but you are exactly right. They are what make you you and everyone should think like you do instead of thinking they are the worst version of themselves. You are awesomeeee!!!

Ashley said...

You have a great outlook! No one is perfect and it's lovely that you embrace that. You are uh maze ing.

Karina said...

You are amazing.

Becky said...

LOVE this!

sparklegreen said...

I am a talker, but other than that your self-description is identical to what what mine would be of myself.