My Weekend

It all started when I decided I needed some alone time with my PS3. So I decided to play a little..

Then I got bored, and made mini-cupcakes. Note to self: use half the normal cake mix, or you end up with 48 mini-cupcakes. And then some.

After some cupcake eating, I decided to get ready for the night o' fun I was going to have with my dear friend. So I curled my hair, into this little hairdo:

Don't let it fool you, it took me for-ev-er. Like, 1 1/2 hours. But, it was worth it, and after that I picked up my friend and we headed to the mall. I made a beeline for Victorias Secret, where I took advantage of the semi-annual sale. Also where we witnessed some girls trying to get into a fight, giving the mall cops something to do. That's always fun.

Then we headed to Forever 21 in hopes of finding some good sale steals. Instead we found these

The mall closes at 8 though. Yes, 8. So, we decided to get our fill of trashiness in by going to Walmart. I picked up this..

And soon after, we were passed by a creepy guy saying hi and giving us one of those "I'm a creeper and want to rape you" nods. So we checked out and left.

My friend then gave me my late Christmas present.. pajamas and

Yes, she is the best, and no you can't have her.

Today, I'm just sitting here enjoying some playoff football, talking to boyfriend and waiting for my friend to get off work so we can go to the dollar movies. We shall be seeing Where the Wild Things Are.

I love weekends like this!

(P.S. I also love my blog friends. You're all inspirational and uplifting and loving and funny and amazing! I don't know what I'd do without you all.)


Lauren said...

Yay for fun weekends! I bought some cute little flower barrettes at Forever 21 this weekend :)

amanda leeann said...

hooray! i'm so glad you had a nifty weekend =]

Live From Fleet Street said...

love love love glee!

Amy Elizabeth said...

LOL I LOVE Call of Duty! I feel like it's a dirty little secret that I'm a girl and also a nerdy game player :)

kelzone said...

oooo i'm interested to hear how you liked where the wild things are...i thought it was a little odd and shlopped together...yes, shlopped

Allison said...

Haha, I LOVE IT! :D I especially like the cupcakes and the curly hair- you're beautiful!

Karina said...

Your hair looked amazing! :) And your friend is AMAZING! Glee = <3

christina said...

i'll take one of those cupcakes, thanks. girl you are pretty!

Ashley said...

The hair looks great! I think your best friend is amazing. I need one of those in my life. Also glee and cupcakes = heavenly

Carrie said...

Wow, that sounds like a really amazing weekend! :)

And the cupcakes are so CUTE!

MoreThanMyOwnLife said...

Please send cute cupcakes my way. Mmm!
Your hair looks GORGEOUS!
I love Vicki's sale. I hit it up last weekend and walked out with 2 new eye shadows and 3 new bras. Love it!
Forever 21 is my fav store ever.
Have fun doing the shred. She is going to make you wish you weren't alive. Just sayin'.
YAY for Glee!

Taylor-made Wife said...

yummm cupcakes

Sara-Jane Elizabeth said...

Okay, those cupcakes are SO cute and they look delish! Your hair looks gorgeous. I bought two bras from Victoria's Secret for $32 a few days ago! Annnd YAY GLEE!

PS - Jillian Michaels kind of scares me. Kind of.

OceanDreams said...

Your hair looks so pretty, you did such a great job! I know, it does take a lot of time to curl hair, huh?

The Singlutionary said...

love glee. love blog friends even more!

Post Grad Hair Cut said...

I love Glee. I was skeptical when I heard about it. But it is spot on!