Giveaway Winner

Here's the deal. The contest ended tonight at 8:00. I was getting no new entrants, so I started writing up the names, cutting them up and putting them in the box. I checked at 8 to be sure no one else entered.. and here are the results!

By the way, I realize there's no real way for you girls to know whether or not I did this honestly, but you'll have to believe. All I could do was take pictures!



This is where I folded them and put em in a polka dot green box, sorry I forgot the picture for that!


And the winner is......


Yay! It's Katie from Kismet & Kate!
E-mail me your info and I'll send it as soon as I can!!


Tiffany said...

congrats katie =}

you might want to try next time you have a giveaway if you haven't heard about it

Kellie said...

I have, and I was originally going to do it that way.. I just liked everyone's chances of winning better this way

kelzone said...

next time you should cheat for me...
just kidding
congrats katie!

Alexandria said...

Congrats kate!!

Katie said...

Hooray! Thanks so much everyone and thank you Kellie for doing a giveaway. I'm so excited for my surprise box!


Sam said...

Congrats Katie :)

MoreThanMyOwnLife said...

Yay Katie!!!