Week in Pictures

I live in Southern California. Where it has been raining since monday. Yeah. I haven't seen sunshine since Sunday. Even then it was sparse. I'm feeling so ghostly. So pale.

Is this what it's like to live in Forks?


I've also been eating this amazing soup


And thoroughly enjoying season 1 of Lost. I love Sun.


That brings me to this morning. When I woke up and got halfway to work only to realize.. "Hey. Snow. What the hell." I promptly freaked out. I'm a strictly sunshine driver. Rain on occasion. Snow? No thanks. So I slowed to old lady/Asian speed (joke!) and tried not to die.


I made it. Then it started raining. And rained all day. Hard. Very hard. And things started flooding.. this is the picture I got at the school before I started driving off..


I don't know if you can tell, but there's a curb under that lake. And, well, a road.

It took me 20 minutes longer than usual, but I got home. My car got a 20 minute bath. I got a heart attack. Sounds like a good time, right?


Natalie said...

Before Monday, I hadn't seen sunshine in 4 weeks! Gotta love Washington. I definitely miss the California sunshine, but it sounds like that's been in short supply lately. The rains down there have been crazy!

Katie said...

I have to admit, part of me is laughing at this because I am a part-time resident of Memphis where it rains CONSTANTLY and a part-time resident of Colorado where I've spent years driving in feet of snow.

But still, I'm sorry you've had a crazy weather week and I hope it clears up for ya'll soon! In the meantime stay safe and dry if you can. :)

Kellie said...

Natalie- It has been! We're like wet dogs down here. Californians enjoy a little rain, but a week? Now that's just mean to us :)

Katie- I know I'm being dramatic.. but I've been spoiled by near perfect driving weather since I got my license! And well, this place just wasn't meant for much water! Being a desert and all. Things tend to get a little crazy even after a couple hours of rain. After 4 days of it though? Madness..hehe.

Tiffany said...

where I grew up at it flooded all the time... We also see snow all the time too... Just last week we had 5" or more.

Glad you made it to school safe

Leah said...

Next week, we'll see the sun again. I'm just too lazy to go out this week because of the horrendous rains. One week wasted from my vacation. *sobs*

Allison said...

It's like that here too! Darn California- you have betrayed me!!!

Sam said...

Ugh that looks horrible! We're getting rain in MO but nothing like that. YUCK!

kelzone said...

ha ha, just before reading this i was driving home in a blizzard...-10mph the entire way.

also, are you watching lost for the first time or just refreshing for the final season that starts in TWO WEEKS!? best.show.ever. plus sayid is hot.

Nicole said...

uhm ok snow!?!? what the crap here I am freaking out about flooding! I'd rather the flooding than snow! aaaaahhhhh and tornado warnings through my city not cool! We need to break out a sunshine dance asap! lol Be safe out there!

uhski said...

haha sounds like colorado weather. "if you dont like it now, wait 5 minutes!" that's pretty crazy though. snow? looks icy. i would have freaked out a bit too. =]

kateigh said...

i hate hate hate driving in snow. and i live in new york. i hate it!
i just finished season one of lost and i am so beyond hooked. its amazing!


Amy said...

Holy crap! I can't believe the weather in California lately! It's crazy. We lost about 5 trees today from all the wind and flooding. I almost lost my favorite hat. It blew right off my head as I was running to my car. Sheesh.

Corinne said...

I love my dose of rain. But I'm agreeing with you - too much and it's not fun. Not fun to drive OR walk around in. The puddles that used to be fun to splash around in become huge swimming pools that drench your jeans from top to bottom (I'm still facinated that jeans soak up water like that...is it just me?).
Send some of that rain up here to PA. I want it to get cold along the way and turn into some snow. K thanks :)

Lauren said...

Be safe lady! I hear that it's super bad over your way :( I would probably have some type of anxiety attack if I had to drive in the snow, I for real don't think I could handle it.

I love yummy soup when it's dreary out, it's the ultimate comfort food!

MoreThanMyOwnLife said...

Mmm soup is my favorite, I swear I could eat it all the time. It is so comforting. Hope the rain stops for you soon! That looks miserable.

OceanDreams said...

Yikes sweetie, I totally know what you mean - I got stuck is this horrible storm last night and it was so scary and I almost got a heart attack too, no joke. Glad you are staying safe, bundling up and watching Lost and I made some soup too this week - yum! Lets hope our sunshine comes out soon and pronto!

I gave you some fun awards at my place. Happy Friday!

Alexa Mae said...

i love the rain but only in moderation. haha beautiful pics girly!