101 in 1001

Yes, I'm going there! I'm making a 101 in 1001 list, and I'm going to do all 101 things. I hope my list isn't too lame.
Start- Jan 7,2010 End- 1001 days from now. Did you really expect me to try to figure that out?

I'll assume you can guess, but the items with a strike are completed.

1. Read 50 books in 365 days. I'm hoping that's do-able. (twss) (20/50)
2. Visit two states I have not been to. (I've been to 17..this should be interesting)
3. Transfer to different CC
4. Move out.
5. Get straight As for a semester. (No, I have never gotten straight As before. I am lame)
6. Take a drive up the coast.
7. Make a large purchase, on my own! (1,000+ bones)
8. Watch the sunrise and set at the beach.
9. Start yogalates again.
10. Kiss in the rain. (Can you believe I've never gotten one? Sad face)
11. Take a day long road trip by myself.
12. Fill up my spare change jar
13. Save $5 for every task I complete.
14. Spend all the money on ME!
15. Run a half marathon. (That will be my biggest challenge!)
16. Make 3 new friends. (0/3)
17. Eat the reccomended serving of vegetables every day for a month! (0/31)
18. Call 5 friends I haven't talked to in a long time and catch up. (0/5)
19. Have a day long movie-marathon and pig out fest.
20. Re-read the entire Harry Potter series. (1/7)
21. Finish reading the Book of Mormon.
22. Make a vlog for my 100th post.
23. Meet a blog friend for real!
24. Have a 'perfect day'
25. Sort through and rid closet of ALL clothes I don't wear anymore. This will be tough.
26. Volunteer somewhere. Anywhere.
27. Go sugar-free for a week.
28. Donate 50,000 grains of rice on freerice.com (1800/50,000)
29. Go to a farmer's market.
30. Decorate my room.
31. Watch the sunset in the desert.
32. Quit soda. (Started 02/Jan/10) (Failed! Restarted 30/Mar/10) (Failed! Baha. Restarted.. 15/Jul/2010) (I haven't had a soda since January 2013)
33. Get a job that doesn't revolve around food.
34. Take a spur of the moment trip- without knowing my destination until I get there.
35. Buy a new laptop.
36. Pack up things in my room I no longer use.
37. Keep a journal until every page is full.
38. Go a month without buying fast food.
39. Be able to do 25 push ups without stopping.
40. Get a professional massage.
41. Have a 24 hour fast.
42. Take a picture a day for one month. (0/30)
43. Sell/donate/toss 101 things I own. (101/101)
44. Try one new food a day for a week.
45. Finish a 500+ piece puzzle by myself.
46. Make dinner for my parents.
47. Write/deliver a letter to someone who made an impact in my life.
48. Become more confident in myself.
49. Go on a hike longer than 3 miles.
50. Go thrifting to find furniture to decorate my room.
51. Open my own etsy shop. Or something.
52. Complete 25 random acts of kindness. Hopefully all anonymous. (1/25)
53. Find a lipstick that I love and can wear with confidence. (RED!)
54. Get a passport.
55. Eat at 5 restaurants I've never tried. (3/5) [Chipotle, El Torito, Samurai 21]
56. Learn to speak rough Italian.
57. Buy myself flowers.
58. Fill an entire scrapbook.
59. Dress up and go out, 'just because'
60. Spend only 1 hour on the computer a day for a week. (0/7)
61. Buy a new pillow.
62. Save $250 and go on a guilt-free shopping trip.
63. Follow through with the religious decision I have made in my head, but not announced. (I was baptized April 10, 2010! Into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints)
64. Visit a town in California I haven't been to.
65. Spend an hour outside the house every day (not including work) for a week. (0/7)
66. Give a 'just because' gift for a friend.
67. Buy and use an exercise DVD. (Bought 30 Day Shred- used it- died.)
68. Attend a concert. (Blake Shelton and Julianne Hough)
69. Keep my room clean for one month straight.
70. Take a morning jog once a month for a year. (0/12)
71. Read the bible.
72. Attend two Padres games each season. (0/6)
73. Attend one Chargers game each season. (0/3)

75. Watch 101 new movies. (45/101)
76. Purchase a little black dress.
77. Get my car windshield replaced.
78. Get new brakes.
79. Write a letter to future me.
80. Drink only water for one week. (7/7)
81. Browse through an antique shop.
82. Go to an art museum.
83. Learn how to read a map.

84. Find out the names of every country.
85. One month without buying anything I don't need.
86. Watch a meteor shower.
87. Whiten my teeth.
88. Open a savings account.
89. Get better at replying to blog comments.
90. Buy and refurbish a bookcase/shelf
91. Make my own recipe book, full of 30 of my favorites.
92. Visit my family in Illinois over the summer.
93. Continue to not own a credit card. ;)
94. Try Indian food.
95. Get 100 followers. That would be exciting..for realsies.
96. Make cookies or cupcakes for the missionaries (for putting up with me!)
97. Completely drop all candy for 3 months. (0/3)
98. Own 15 pairs of jeans at one time.
99. Purchase a new iPod.
100. Clean out/sort iTunes library.
101. Print and frame favorite photos, send to family.


Lauren said...

Girl this isn't lame at all! I think it's awesome! Good luck marking things off your list!

I also want to go a month without buying anything I don't need and read 50 books this year... maybe we can help each other out on those!

Sam said...

Getting rid of clothes I don't wear anymore would be tough for me too! And I also want to reread the Harry Potter series.Oh, and I gave up candy/sweets this week and just ate a bite size snickers. oops.

LibbyLayla1984 said...

love this idea. I'll have to write a list for myself. By the way love the new layout

Karina said...

This is so fantastic! Good luck! And you are not lame for never getting strait As. Grades don't mean anything. :)

Azaad!! said...

I'm so going to redo this on my blog with the same title... (with due credit to you of course)I hope you don't mind!!! And it's an awesome list!!! Good luck with that and by the end of the year, let us know how it went! :)

Sara-Jane Elizabeth said...

This is a WONDERFUL list! And totally attainable. Like, totally. Sometimes 101 in 1001 lists are kind of far fetched. But yours isn't at all! Good luck!!

.:*aMbAr*:. said...

Aww I love this!!! I also have one, and we have some similar stuff!!! Good luck, this is so fun, YAY!

AngeliStarr said...

Good luck! I like this list. Theres a bunch of stuff I would do too!

Maxie said...

you had me at "twss"

Soph! said...

Cool list! You gave me a few ideas. I'm working on mine right now.

christina said...

this is really neat. i might try to make one myself.

rumblejax said...

I found you via Amy at Windy City. I really like your list as well. I may have to do something like this.