Giving Me the Happies

Playing with my new camera.

And playing with my food.

Knowing I get to go back to Washington soon. I managed to snap a picture of the beach before it got too dark.. isn't it freaking gorgeous? Ya... it is. I can't wait to go back.

Speaking of the beach.. it never fails to make me happy. Along with the memories of Laguna and La Jolla that I have with my very best friend.

This boy. Even if he frustrates the hell out of me sometimes.

Successfully curling my hair. Heck. Yes.

Jesse McCartney's swoon-worthy voice. Um..hi. Marry me. But wear a mask and sing all the time. Thank you.


Alexandria said...

That picture of your food is awesome.

Laguna Beach is my go to destination. I WILL live there someday!

You hair looks fab!

The Jesse McCartney thing was hilar!

Katie said...

Those curls are GORGEOUS! How did you do it? I'm trying to master the art but my hair rebels against curls. :/

That picture of Washington is breathtaking. Definitely take more pictures to share with us when you go back!

The Singlutionary said...

I love your dog.

Allison said...

That's awesome! Your camera is AMAZING- and as I've already said, your curled hair is CUUTE! :D

Theresa said...

HAHA!!! That "wear a mask" part at the end really cracked me up! Happy New Year! :)

Liz said...

Is that a dachshund! Ohmygosh, he/she looks just like my little Tuka-doll, haha. She's a dachshund/chihuahua mix, but looks like a dachshund. They practically bend in half when they sleep. So cute!!!!

*Shreya* said...

The beach!!!!!!!!!!!!! its frigging * left speechless* !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lauren said...

I am loving the curly hair!

The beach is fab! It looks sooo different from my beach :)

I am excited about your new camera, now you can take tons of fun pictures for us!

Shelley said...

Love Jesse McCartney!

Amanda said...

LOL- when I was scrolling down I thought, "And playing with your food.." before I read that you wrote it! nice. :)

Cute post! Love the hair!

Happy New Year!

Jill said...

My best friend lives in Washington! Goldendale, WA