I literally licked my plate clean after dinner today.

Then I proceeded to squeal and launch my curly-tailed butt into my mud pit.


Kate said...

When your meal is that good, it's totally worth it. I've done the "lick clean then put plate on head for more".

The Solitary Writer said...

hehe nw thts cute and funny

nice write

btw blogrolled u

ps:officially stalking ur blog frm today

Karina said...

MMM it must have been really good then! :)

Sara said...

I went to a birthday dinner at a Japanese restaurant last night and specifically got the sushi because it's less food and cheaper.

In the end, I cleaned at least three other people's plates. And then had cake. I thought I was going to throw up and die.

kelleidoscope said...

Oh it was definitely an awesome meal..
And Sara, I've done that. Never works. I'm the one asking my friends if they're going to finish what's on their plate..and somehow always have room for more.