Sibling Rivalry

So this is how it allll started out (kinda.) I have three older brothers. And let me use this as a disclaimer: I love my brothers. But they were flippin' MEAN to me when I was a kid.

Like the time my parents left us all home alone. I was being my usual annoying little sister self, and finally it wore on their nerves. So do they ignore me like normal big brothers would do? No. No they don't. They chase me around the house, gather all their old karate belts and hog tie me. Then lock me in my room until my parents get home. Luckily for them, I'm more of a 'get even' person than a tattletale. I don't quite remember how I got even with them, but I assure you that I did.

One of their favorite things they did to me, was ruin my birthdays. One in particular, I got in a screaming match with one of them. This resulted in him banging on my door and trying to push it open. Eventually getting through it, he punched me in the face. I can't make these things up, folks. My brothers and I had pretty physical fights. I learned not to be scared to throw some punches.. kick below the belt and deliver a nice hard smack on a bare back. Yeah, I fight dirty, but only with them. Promise!

There was also the time that I got home from school and was immediately bombarded by their pestering. Getting fed up, I kicked my shoes off, HARD. Riiight through the giant window in the dining room. Being the clever liar that I was, I told my parents I had tripped on the dining room chair and it tipped into the window. I'm now aware that is a horrible cover up story, but at the time it seemed very reasonable. I've learned since, that it's probably a good idea to just not lie.

But of all the memories, those ones kinda hang out in the back. My favorites are the good times. Like when we lived on MCAS Miramar. There's the time we all slipped into pairs of my dad's coveralls, stuffed them with pillows and blankets and became sumo wrestlers. Looking back, I'm sure it wasn't the greatest idea to roll each other down the stairs, but it was fun! The entire time we lived on base, it was a blast. Brother #1 worked at the movie theater, brother #2 worked at McDonalds. I never went hungry or without entertainment.

I miss my brothers. They are the only ones that really understand what it's like, living with my dad. Through all the fights, they're the ones that are always there for me. And they've all moved thousands of miles away now (jerks) but we still find ways to keep in touch. And on rare occasions, we can all get together, even if just for a couple of days:


Tomurai said...

It's funny how relationships can change so dramatically over time.
I remember an argument I once had with my sister over a fork we both wanted to use. She ended up jabbing it into my neck! These days however, people say "the universe feels at peace" when my sister and I are together. Ain't that sweet?

Btw, just found your blog today and lovin' it!

Jenni said...

that was so sweet!!! I have one sister and we used to fiht like crazy! Now though...we're the best of friends!

.:*aMbAr*:. said...

Awwwww when I see/read things like this is when I sort of hate being an only child :(