On holidays...

A friend posted this video about Columbus day. In a nutshell, the video went over the bad things Columbus did.. and said "Columbus day" should be a nationally recognized indigenous holiday. Basically, they want Columbus day to be a day where people celebrate... that there were people here before Columbus. Um, yeah.

This is just an opinion, and maybe a bad one, but I don't necessarily think we're celebrating Columbus...on Columbus day. It's more a celebration of his discovery.

Anywhozle, these sensitive kinda things tend to get on my nerves. A lady left a comment on this post though, that just about sums up how I feel so I'm going to share it.

"UGH, maybe we should stop celebrating President's day too because both Jefferson and Washington were slave owners. Maybe we shouldn't celebrate Thanksgiving because the Pilgrims fought with the Indians, (sorry... Native Americans) and they died from diseases they brought to the 'new world'. Most people celebrate holidays today without thinking what they are about. How many people would celebrate Christmas if celebrating it meant they were honoring Christ? I really hate revisionist history. Yes, terrible things have happened all throughout history, but I think people really need to get over their 'woe is me' attitudes and get on with their lives in the here and now."

So..chew on that.


Stephanie Faris said...

Someone said they're talking about taking Columbus Day away as a holiday? I hope not. We give it up so we can have the day after Thanksgiving off.

OceanDreams said...

That is kind of lame, I agree. I think it is very important to celebrate the holidays - a lot of great people made sacrifices for our country!