Nag nag nag.

"You're not going to work like that, are you?"
"Your shirt is all wrinkled"
"I know"
"So you're going to work like that? I wouldn't"

Living in this household I've learned much about patience. You have to, living with my dad. And around him, no, I absolutely do not have a backbone. Because having a backbone would be the same as having a death wish, you just don't talk back to my father. What I really wanted to say was "Yes I'm going to work like this, get off my back, no one sees me in the back room washing dishes."

Luckily, I got to leave shortly after that encounter. Though upon walking in the door, no, walking to the door after work, I got the nagging again.

"Get that information for mom right away. And call the insurance company"

And after calling my mother and receiving no answer,
"Have you called your mother yet?"
"Yes. No answer."
"Call her back"

So out the door I walk, to talk on the phone in peace. I made several phone calls, to my mother, the insurance company, alterations places, and the hair salon. Guess what happens when I walk back in?

"Find that stuff for your mom? Call the insurance company?"
"No. Yes. No answer."
"Well have you tried calling them again?" (Cue exasperated look)
"Several times." (Cue hint of attitude)
"If I find that stuff for your mom...."
End scene.

Give me a break. I'm a big girl, I buy my own panties and fill my own gas tank. I can handle making a couple of phone calls without the constant nagging. I'm aware of my responsibilities around the house. I know I mow the lawn on weekends and clean the kitchen every night. So why remind me constantly? I have a tendency to forget what I wore yesterday or when my brother's birthday is, not the chores that I do repeatedly. And if you're wondering, no, I have no idea what I wore yesterday. Yes, I'm serious.

There's no middle ground with him. There's no, "Hey, how was your day?" It's.. "Hey, you gonna clean that carpet today?" I'm fairly sure I've overstayed my welcome, and if it was up to me I'd leave right now. Unfortunately I got common sense from one of my parents. I'm just not in a position to leave at this very moment. Soon though. Soon.

So dad, chill. K?


AngeliStarr said...

"I'm fairly sure I've overstayed my welcome," Yeah makes two of us. Hang in there!

.:*aMbAr*:. said...

Hi there, thank you so much for following me :)

And that's too bad that your dad's like that. I can't imagine, mine is GRRRREAT. But I definitely have no patience and I would get in trouble A LOT!!!

kelleidoscope said...

Ambar.. I've learned patience haha! I usually have absolutely no patience. But I'm getting better.

OceanDreams said...

I remember going through is hard having people you live with be so opinionated, ha ha hope you find your own space soon!