Just thoughts.

I wish I wasn't so blind to what's going on in my own life. I should open up my eyes.

I love ice cream. It makes everything better. At least while I'm eating it.

I despise the word 'yeah'.

The missionaries didn't come today. I wonder if they've finally given up on me? They usually don't show up on a Saturday.

Dentist appointment monday. That should be the last of my root canal.

I feel like I may be giving up a little bit inside. Involuntarily.

I'm pretty sure it's pathetic that I can't wait to see the hour long special of The Suite Life on Deck. Lost at Sea.

Speaking of the sea, I need to get down there soon.

I've put off writing this paper, there are about 4 hours until it's due. Whatever, I'm a pro-crastinator.

Real food sounds disgusting right now. I want junk.

Feels like my life is kind of at a standstill. Like I need to get out of here. Do school somewhere else, start life on my own. I know it's not practical. I also don't think anyone is going to be patient for me.

I wish I could shut my brain off and sleep, with the snap of my fingers.

Church on Sunday is sounding like an amazing idea right now.

I think it's time for me to stop clinging and let go.

I'm basically super excited for my packages to get here. Proactiv and books.

I wish my phone would break forever. My internet as well. I'm sick of technology.

Leave my door open just a crack, cause I feel like such an insomniac. Why do I tire from counting sheep, when I'm much too tired to fall asleep?

Psycho is a great movie. It's not like other scary movies, which is maybe why I didn't find it scary at all.

One of the greatest things to do when my mind is all sorts of jumbled, is reorganize my room. I'm so excited. I've got lots of ideas.

Bianca is a great great friend. Not like I have many friends to compare her to.. but still. She's basically always there for me. That's nice to have in a person.

Wouldn't it be amazing if they still aired Boy Meets World? Pretty sure my life would be complete.

I wish people realized that they're not the only person something affects.

I'm looking forward to this weekend. I have no plans but homework, and a little something on Sunday with Bianca.

Haha. I bought new cartridges for my Vibrance. I'm SO excited. Not even kidding.

I just drooled on myself, trying to eat my ice cream.

Mondays don't seem so bad anymore.

I was getting really excited for this weekend. It seems I always set myself up for disappointment.

I know what I want to do with my life, and I know how to do it. I wish I had some people behind me shouting words of encouragement.

Adele, Kelly Clarkson, Leona Lewis, Jennifer Hudson, Miley Cyrus. One of these is not like the others.

I feel like wallowing in self pity right now. But I'm not going to let myself.

Ok. I could go on forever.

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Taren said...

i think about boy meets world on a weekly basis. i think about how much better my life would be if there were ANY channel smart enough to air reruns.