I truly wish I had all of these amazing stories to retell from my childhood. Either I have a horrible memory, or I had a boring childhood. I do have one fairly vivid memory still, and it's probably because it's a story I've retold time and time again. Yes, it's that one. The time I fell off that crazy effin horse.

I really remember lots of details about that day. Like missing breakfast, and grabbing a bag of Runts from the vending machine. I never got a chance to eat them, I set them in the tack locker before the ride and forgot about them.

Ok. So originally, it was going to be myself, my mom and dad, and about 3 other people on this ride. Well, just before we were supposed to leave, someone asked my dad for help doing something. So instead of waiting for him, a couple of other people decided we should just leave. So we did. It was a very long trail ride. Nice and uneventful. My mom on her crazy mustang, I was on someone elses horse, and this lady was on my dad's horse. We got to the end of the trail, and it had been about 8 miles. Turned around, and about 5 minutes later is when everything happened. My dad had decided to go on the trail ride anyway, and he was riding the crazy (I am NOT exaggerating) horse, Chuey. He hadn't quite reached us yet, when something spooked his horse. He went running, and before long stepped in a hole, my dad got thrown off and the horse broke it's leg. Yet somehow managed to continue to go. Right through the group of riders, all of us.

My horse bolted, and in some stupid valiant effort to save me, the woman on my dad's horse came after me. She was trying to reach over to grab my horses reins, and doing so fell off her horse. A couple seconds later I fell off mine. Anti-climatic, right? Haha. So, after I got my wits about me.. sort of.. I got up and started looking for someone. First person I came across was the woman who came after me, and this scared the heck out of me. She was just laying there, breathing weird. So, I'm 9, I started screaming for someone to find me. I don't remember who was first to get to us, but someone did. My dad got on his horse and ran all the way back to the stables to call an ambulance, and who knows how long it was before they got there, but they did. Until they got to me, my dad picked me up and put me on the tailgate of some truck to kind of chill out. I was pretty freaked.

That was definitely my first time in an ambulance, and it was so annoying. I wasn't allowed to fall asleep, but I was beyond tired. I don't ever remember wanting to sleep that bad. But they kept me up. Questions, needle pokes. Stay awake, stay awake. Blah blah blah. When we got to the hospital I remember feeling like I needed to throw up, but nothing was coming. Everyone kept telling me how good I was being. Whatever, why put up a fight when all they're doing is helping me. I guess that was basically everything. I wasn't in for long. My dad broke his wrist, and he had to get a few surgeries and all sorts of casts. The other lady was fine, but she was in the hospital for a while. She wasn't wearing a helmet, and got a rock to the head.

And I went back to school a few days later. All bandaged and bruised, and I got lots of attention. It was great.

But what really bothers me? I went back to the stables, oh, a week later maybe, and someone had stolen my Runts. All of that, and I didn't even get a stinkin' bag of Runts.

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