Did you know

It's fun to talk about yourself every now and then ;)

1. The last time I was actually sick was 2006. Any time I've gotten sick since then is from stress or nerves. Or food poisoning, thanks KFC.

2. My weight never bothered me until my dad brought the extra flab around my tummy to my attention.

3. In fact, most of my self-esteem problems stem from him.

4. If I could stay in my pajamas all day every day, I absolutely would.

5. I really enjoy exercising.. even if I never do it.

6. The only reason I'm shy is because I know how weird I am.

7. The only person who knows how weird I am other than myself, is my mother.

8. There aren't very many girls that I actually like, and enjoy the company of.

9. The only reason I miss my job at the hospital is because of Frank and Jack in restorative care. Jack told me it was refreshing to see a pretty face every now and then. And Frank, well, he was an old punk ;)

10. What I miss most about the preschool is nap time and broom hockey.

11. I've never been drunk, never smoked, never gotten high. And I think it's ridiculous that some people find that surprising.

12. There are very few people I like talking to on the phone.

13. I know it's hypocritical, but unhappy people really get on my nerves. Find something good in your life and quit focusing on the bad.

14. I hardly ever get crushes on boys. In high school I had a 'crush' on one boy. And he was not one of my boyfriends.

15. I won a writing competition in 6th grade. My writing skills have just about stayed at that level.

16. There are two places I really want to travel to before I die. And I will travel there.

17. I don't like a lot of my family. Mainly the drug-addicted, alcoholic, smoking, rude, no potential ones.

18. I always enjoyed being the 'new kid' at school.

19. There is no way I could ever spend hundreds of dollars on a purse, jeans, dresses.

20. Nor can I bring myself to wear a shirt with the brand's name on it. I can do that with sweaters though.

21. I am completely addicted to shopping online.

22. I hate it when people can't see things from my perspective.

23. I do believe I'm an awesome judge of character.

24. I also believe in the death penalty, think universal health care is a bad idea, and am pro-life.

25. I am fascinated by crime shows. I believe it's interesting.. to see how little compassion people have.

26. I get so angry when I can't change something. A corrupt law, a bad person. It really makes me mad.

27. I hate medication. I only take it when pain is unbearable.

28. Money isn't that important to me. I think it's nice, but my goal is not to be rich.

29. I don't like lakes. I think they're dirty, and can't help but think of scary fish and dead people when I'm in one.

30. I can't sit still through a movie. I have to move.

31. I haven't once given a second chance in relationships.

32. After a while I stopped calling people my best friends. I guess you could say I don't 'believe' in best friends.

33. I don't do anything to my hair but wash it. Occasionally I comb it.

34. I'm fascinated by abandoned buildings. I can't help but think of what happened, the people who used to inhabit it.

35. I overreact to a lot of things.

36. I don't think I'm overreacting this time.

37. When I was little I dreamed of having my own library when I get my house. I still want it.

38. I'm very introverted and get tired of talking to people after a period of time.

39. I'm a morning person and a night person.

40. I think The Lord of the Rings trilogy are boring, boring movies.

41. I also think the Twilight books are poorly written. Entertaining, sure, but not well written.

42. I get sad when I finish a book that I was absorbed by.

43. The first time I was allowed to dress myself, I wore red boots, orange tights, and a purple jumper.

44. I had a twelfth grade reading level since elementary school.

45. I love reorganizing things, but usually lose interest about halfway through.

46. Making lists is fun to me.

47. I have never learned to leave well enough alone.

48. I once woke up in the middle of the night, completely paralyzed. I could only see someone standing in my door, and I remember wanting to scream, but I couldn't.

49. If you follow me too closely while driving, I WILL slow down, just to annoy you even more. Then speed up again when you try to pass me. Road raaage.

50. I believe the world is too beautiful and complex to have happened by chance.

51. I get jealous that my cousins get to be so close to my grandparents, while I get to be close to the ones that have never tried to keep in touch with me.

52. I saw my great grandpa at his funeral, and thought he blinked at me.

53. Sometimes, I feel like I'm much smarter than the people I surround myself with. I know that's a bad thought.

54. I know I let people walk all over me, but I can't stop.

55. If you would ask me where I see myself in 5 years, I would make everything up.

56. I turn red when I'm embarrassed, and people always bring it up. Which embarrasses me more.

57. I used to love chicken, now I can hardly bring myself to eat it. I still don't know why.

58. On an impulse, I pierced my ears for the 3rd time. I don't regret it, but I don't know what I was thinking. I hardly ever wear earrings. Let alone 3 pairs.

59. I make some killer oatmeal-chocolate chip cookies.

60. I've never cared very much for jewelry. But I will wear my great-grandmothers watch and my heart locket.

61. I hate it when girls can't think for themselves, or have to rely on someone else in their life.

62. When I was little, I used to draw makeup on my dolls faces. With black magic marker.

63. I used to play the violin.

64. I love trying to cook new things. They usually don't end up so bad.

65. I'd like to take some sort of self defense class.

66. I was a vegetarian once, then my mom made bacon.

67. My favorite ice cream is Push Ups.

68. I used to think Slurpees were the greatest things on this very amazing planet. They're still pretty high up there.

69. It bothers me when people are abbreviating a year and do it wrong. it's '97 not 97'

70. I love the movie Gone With the Wind. Also, Titanic.

71. The first time I attended church, I was ten years old.

72. I was never talked to about smoking, sex or drugs. I developed my own values on those things.

73. My memory is horrible.

74. I love the color yellow. I also love the color blue, but mostly because it looks good on me.

75. I believe that everyone has control of their own life. Believe it, and work towards it. Don't just give up.

76. I do not cry in front of people. If I do, it is because it's completely uncontrollable. And I think the last time that happened was in high school.

77. My biggest turn-ons are not physical features.

78. I don't have any special talents, I'm not creative, not musically talented. I'm not bothered by that.

79. I can't stand the smell of milk.

80. If you can work, you should. If I can get a job, you can. Your life is what you make of it.

81. Speaking of, I hate it when people won't take fault for their actions.

82. I met Mario Lopez, and he may be the nicest, most attractive human being ever.

83. I can't eat breakfast or I'll feel sick all day.

84. The worst day of my life was April 5, 2005.

85. I've yet to have the greatest day of my life. Though I suppose the closest, would be the day I met..him.

86. Panda Express or Subway over anything else. Del Taco because it's cheap.

87. I've had two biopsy's to check for cancer.

88. I take things very personally, always.

89. I also always think everything is my fault.

90. I won't sit around wondering about things. I'll ask questions, and get my answers.

91. My grandfather is the nicest, most caring individual on this planet. I'm sure of it.

92. We once had a donkey, and we named him Donkey Hodi. get it? Don Quixote?

93. My oldest brother is my hero.

94. I prefer the passenger seat.

95. I wish I could say "y'all" but I'm not from the south :(

96. My favorite author is Francine Rivers

97. kelleidoscope is not an original idea.

98. I've had my face clawed by a cat.

99. I still want a cat.

100. I'd also like a bunny.


Taren said...

i think you're interesting. in a good way. i also think you might not like to hear this, but we have a lot in common.

and #66 is my favorite.

Organic Meatbag said...

Wow! I now literally know every single thing about you...hahaha! Oh, and i'm Billy...hi!

kelleidoscope said...

Hahaha I guess that was a very informative post :)