Thankful Thursday

There are a lot of things to be grateful for in my life, and I've been going through some crazy times this week. So I think now would be a good time to remind myself of the good things. The bright side, you know?

1. Friends. When I need them most, they're there for me. Bringing me ice cream, letting me know I can talk to them. Telling me they love me. Words of encouragement. Surprising me with flattering text messages. "You are amazing. And beautiful :)" I love my friends.

2. Music. It really is soothing. When I don't want to think anymore, all I have to do is turn my music up and quit.

3. Hollywood Video's 4 for $30 sale. I got 4 amazing movies for super cheap. I love it.

4. Cartoons! I'm watching Tom & Jerry right now. I miss this show!

5. Long phone conversations. I seriously hate talking on the phone, but last night I talked for 1 hour and 13 minutes. And we decided it will be a nightly ritual.

6. $5 movies on Tuesdays. Thank you Cinemark.

7. My family. I have the best big brothers, my cousins are amazing. My grandparents love me (all 6 of them!) My aunts, uncles.. it's such a great feeling to know that even if you have no one else, you have your family.

8. The experience I got to live in a different state. Even if I couldn't make it through that dang winter. I'm sorry but -30 is just TOO frickin cold.

9. Being able to be honest without being cruel. I wish everyone could master it...

10. Cup of Noodles. Seriously. I've been obsessed with them since 10th grade.

11. My job. It takes my mind off of everything, gives me some nice people to talk to. Even if I just got the poopiest job in the kitchen. Dishroom :(

12. Books. I just like to read.

13. My beliefs. I think I'm pretty darn lucky to have had the chance to hear about God, and most importantly believe. So many people don't get the chance, and if they do, just don't believe. But free will is important.

14. My big brother. He's my hero. He has gone through being married to an insane woman, trying to kill himself, being medically discharged from the navy and having to work two jobs. In spite of all of that he kept an optimistic view on life (save the suicide attempt.) He's gotten to a point where he still works a lot, but is happy. Has a child on the way and is considering rejoining the service. I love him more than anything.

15. Family Guy. Neeeeed I say more?

16. Being an encouraging person. I love helping people believe in themselves and their dreams.

17. For just getting news that I have ANOTHER niece or nephew on the way :D My niece Kayleigh was just born 6 weeks ago.. shortly before that we found out my eldest brother knocked up his significant other, and minutes ago found out the youngest of my 3 brothers knocked up his wife. I love an expanding family.

18. My weiner dog.

That's not it, really.. but I'm getting restless. Need to moooove.


Amy said...

Isn't it just so nice to stop and think about everything you have in your life? I need to do it more often. Great post. Made me smile. And makes me want to make a list of what I'm grateful for :]

RdGarnet said...

It feels so good to just say what we are thankful for. Love your list!

kelleidoscope said...

Amy, you should! It's fun to do and I'm pretty sure it'll put you in a good mood :)

Okie said...

Okay, now I understand the tweet about bear faced pancakes. Consider it done! I'll even toss in some chocolate chips! ;-)

Iva said...

that is such a fabulous pancake! I am now really hungry for a huge breakfast...and its going on dinner time lol :)

have a great weekend!