Savior of Kitties

I got a much needed break, yesterday. My closest friend and I decided to get out, and as we always do we got something to eat then drove around looking for entertainment. If you lived here, you'd know entertainment is hard to come by in this sleepy big town. I know, over 500k residents in the area and what all is there to do? Movies, mall. Scandia if you're brave, and a 15 year old punk. Then Karma for the scantily clad party kids.

I'm no 15 year old punk, I like wearing clothes, and stray from sweaty guys with that one thing on their mind. So what is there to do... what is there to do. We went to Walmart. It's an always entertaining place, with easy to find candy and easy to find weirdos. Two of my favorites.

After wandering around for a while, we decided to skip over to Hollywood Video to see if they had any good movies on sale. They did. And I spent $30 getting 4 movies. But they're good movies, so it's totally justified right? Right. So as we (and by we I mean myself) were checking out, we heard meowing. There was a black kitty at the door. This started the frenzy.

YES. We tried to catch it, but the darn thing was elusive. Fast for a little black kitty. It jumped over to a set of plants and that's when we decided to go get some food and water for it. $3.00 to feed a stray black kitten. We spent the rest of the night petting it, holding it. Watching it eat. Oh, and taking pictures. Of course. We also tried to find someone to take it, the animal shelter was closed, and no one would answer their phones. Who goes to bed at midnight?

So in the end, I guess all it was, was a good deed. My friend and I fed a stray kitten and gave it water, and a little love. I hope someone finds it and takes it home. It was such a sweet little thing.


Okie said...

Feeder of snotty kids and lost kittens. :)

Amy said...

Ya wanna know something funny? Right as I was reading this, I heard a MEOW outside my window. My cat wanted inside so I let her in. No joke. Haha. This cat of mine, Roxy, was a stray kitten and we fed her. She eventually got attached to us, so now she's ours :]

Thats a cute kitty :]

Organic Meatbag said...

awwwww... you gals did a good thing...