The Story Behind the Picture

That's Private Perry, and it was my first time meeting him too, so don't feel awkward.

My friend Karen started dating her husband a year before they tied the knot. They started dating shortly after they met. I got way too many of the dirty details, but I'll just say things got 'serious' fairly fast. 9 months into the relationship, he popped the question. At Spaghetti Factory I believe.. cough. Whatever works. She was planning quite the elaborate wedding. To hopefully be hosted at the country club, she drug me to David's Bridal to try on the bridesmaid dress and everything. After about 2 1/2 months of this nonsense, she said screw it. Scheduled a time at a wedding chapel in LA, they were getting married in a week. He was going to be home from boot camp, or some other military deal, so it was perfect.

Day of the wedding. I got to her house much too early, because it was my responsibility to do her hair (it looked great by the way). After a ridiculously long time, I finished. Used half a bottle of hairspray to hold it in place, and the other bridesmaid did her makeup. Then we got to focus on ourselves, for 30 whole minutes. With everyone pretty much dressed, the last minute details worked out, we left. The bride drove, and um.. she's a maniac. I feared for my life several times. And.. I'm not exaggerating in the least. She was just so terrified we would be late. We were an hour early. After a trip to Subway, we went back to the 'chapel' and helped Karen get ready. She looked quite good, blushing bride, had something new, borrowed, blue.. all of that jazz.

After a short rundown from the.. dude who was reading the vows.. the wedding started. Lizzy walked. I walked. Then Karen. It was cute. There was a lot of laughing, and awkwardness for me. I'm sure out of the 50+ people there, I knew about 6. The wedding ended, and we walked back down with the corresponding military dude. After 45 minutes and 4500 pictures, we left for the restaurant. Black Angus. We ate, though no one was very hungry because they kept giving us free appetizers.

Much too late, we started home. I was riding with Karen's parents and siblings. Her inappropriate dad and cackling mother. I tried to sleep.. pain is easier to endure when half conscious.

I guess I have no idea why I decided to write that story. I made my dear Karen seem like quite the nice bride, didn't I? Don't let me fool you, she was absolutely insane. I haven't been in that situation though. I'm not so sure I'd even think of jumping into marriage that fast. At what point do you really start to know a person, anyway? Don't you have to go through some trials, hardships, true tests of love? What they have seems real enough, there's just so much left to the imagination (not literally, in their case). How will one of them react when the other gets cancer? When debts start piling up, a car gets totaled, etc. Maybe I'm looking too much into this marriage thing. What they say could be true, that all you need is love. I guess I just don't quite buy it. Do you?

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The Singlutionary said...

Oh my gosh! I so agree with all the mixed feelings you write about in regards to marriage. I think that if you're married young you find out how your spouse will react to those things and you find out who you are and hopefully you find a way to both be happy. But if you're reluctant and you're with someone for a long time you still may not know how that person may react to any of the above situations. You just never know. A really great guy that you've known for years might turn around and walk out.

But, your friend's wedding is nuts and obvisouly this woman likes to go the fast and furious route. I've never heard of such a wild wedding.