Guys and Other Stupid Things

I guess I don't know what to say, but sometimes writing makes you feel better, right? The friend card has been pulled on me yet again. If I ever find that card I'm going to rip it up and throw it in a fire. I'm a great friend, but there's something about me that's not "dateable". I wish I knew what it was. Maybe I'm too aggressive. With the words. Don't put out enough, too quiet, too shy, too short, too blonde. Whatever it is, someone point it out. I want to fix it. I'm pretty hurt.

That's as far as I'll go into that one.

In other news, I'm really annoyed that I'm the one that gets to take care of the early kids at lunch. Usually it's not so bad, I get the special kids.. take care of them nice and easy. But today there were some that were early. This is basically how it went down..

"How much is lunch?"
"What?! What a ripoff, it was $2 at Hesperia."
"The prices went up at every school this year."
"That's lame."
"Ok. Put in your number. What would you like?"
"Here. Wait for your change."
"Ugh, now I have to carry all these quarters with me!"

Oh, and I forgot.. "What's the special?"
"Fried chicken"
"What does that look like...?"
"Uh. Fried chicken."

I'm sorry, but that annoyed me. Was it really going to put her out to carry two quarters with her? Like they aren't useful or something.

That was my day in a nutshell. Annoying high schoolers and a break up. I guess to make up for it I'll go get ice cream and watch Lifetime movies.


Lyn said...

That's what you have to do when this stuff happens -- you have to go with it -- wallow and eat lots of ice cream! Don't get discouraged ... just keep on going and being active in the world and someone (I promise)worthy of you will find you. Haven't you heard the saying "there's a lid for every pot?" Just be yourself and stay positive. Keep the faith and good things/relationships will find you.

kelleidoscope said...

I've got the ice cream part down. I'll get over it, just going to take some time. Thank you :)

Okie said...

We've already discussed the first part, you know how I feel about all that. As for the stupid kids? One word... Sledge-O-Matic! =P

marzuki said...

Hahaha. Guys and other stupid things. What have we done wrong this time?

Hey there kelleidoscope,
I like it when i stumble upon a blog that talks about the things that guys do wrong so that i can learn a thing or two to avoid doing it to other girls.

Im confused with the friend card. But i shall stop here too.

Anws, like Lyn said, perhaps someone worthy of you will find you. Perhaps there's someone out there who likes you but do not know how to approach you coz he's afraid of doing/saying the wrong thing and hurt you - and he doesnt want to risk that small chance of being with you.

But once he's figured out what's the right thing to say and do, all will be well. Just keep on smiling at random people and who knows, the one who thanks you for that sweet smile would be the one who'll never dream of hurting you.