Music Monday

It has been a music kind of week for me. There have been some songs that I cannot get enough of. I put them on my playlist for bedtime, listen to them when I'm cleaning, baking, and wish I could listen to while showering. They're just that good (to me). I bet you're on the edge of your seat in anticipation, right. Ha.

So maybe you can guess the first one, the picture gives it away. Several of the songs are Owl City, but for the sake of variety I'll only name two. The first is Fireflies, the second is Vanilla Twilight.
Fireflies is just one of those songs. I wish I could explain it. And Vanilla Twilight has the tune, the words, everything. It's just a song I relate to. I'm no music critic. My explanation for why I like these songs will probably all be 'IT SOUNDS SO COOL'.

Anywho. The rest are really nothing new. Just oldies that I still love. Phenomenon, by Thousand Foot Krutch. And can I say, Miley Cyrus absolutely kills it with Party in the USA. There can't be a soul alive that can resist dancing or singing along to that song.
Enter Sandman by Metallica, and several Coheed songs have been on replay when I need a metal fix. (Take my hand, we're off to never never land).
Also, the song Happy by Leona Lewis. If you haven't heard it.. HEAR IT. Soon. It'll probably make you.. uh.. happy.

Then I had a bit of a country kick, so throw in some Big Green Tractor, Alright and Kerosene. Ending the list, a little Frank Sinatra.

My music taste is weird. I listen to just about everything, as long as it doesn't suck. So that's what I have been kind of crazy about lately, music-wise. Now you all know I enjoy both Miley Cyrus and Coheed & Cambria.

(I also love Taylor Swift. Hate you Kanye.)

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Carrie said...

Hello there, new follower! :) Thanks so much for the birthday wishes. Your blog is adorable!

And I must agree. **mean glares** to Kanye. :/