1.The aliens have landed...they have invited you in for dinner....what do you think they are up to?
I'm a pretty trusting person. I'd probably think they just want some company for dinner. BUT... if they have no mouths, I think I'd politely decline and suggest they invite another person. Tom Cruise, perhaps.

2. Remember that 20 dollar bill you found on the ground a few days ago?? Ok you picked it up and someone comes to and says..hey that's mine...what do you say?
How do I know it's yours? If you saw me pick it up, why didn't you ask me for it earlier? Actually, I'd probably say.. Oh. I'm sorry. I spent it already.

3. you got offered a part in a movie... they will pay an enormous amount of money....but you have to play the town she slut/he slut.. do you play the part or do you refuse to compromise your values?
If it's acting, what exactly am I compromising? Playing a character.. doesn't mean sacrificing your own character. Am I deep or WHAT.

4. Do you have a name for your private parts?
I do not. Just shortened versions of what it's supposed to be called.

5. You are driving north on Hell avenue and can only turn west on to hell Terrace. There is a car coming toward you on Hell avenue also, which also can only turn west onto Hell terrace. what does this prove??
Um. That one of us will have to let the other go first, and that someone is really weird for naming a bunch of streets after hell.

6. where is the strangest place you ever did the deed?
I'm guessing this means.. sexy time. I'll just have to say, I've never done the deed.

7. Have you ever been caught doing the nasty...who caught you and where were you?
Ah. No!

8. What can put you in the rottenest mood ever?
Depends what time of the... day it is. In the morning, anything can put me in a bad mood. In fact, I usually wake up pretty grumpy. But if left alone, I get over this after I get a shower. If it's beyond the morning though, I guess not much can get to me. Getting yelled at will do it. Not being left to my devices. Basically, leave me alone and we're all good. ;)

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Organic Meatbag said...

Let me guess...this was a Facebook quiz, right? Sounds like one... hehehehe...