It's Alive!

Between watching episodes of Revenge, Dexter, Once Upon a Time, Doctor Who, Army Wives, and Gossip Girl... (whoa, I never claimed to have a life, guys.) I like to do silly things like take showers and wash my face, or, if I'm feelin' frisky, paint my nails.

Things that help me feel like a real live human being, and not a stinky, hairy caveman:

- DDF Brightening Cleanser. AKA my savior and the second love of my life. It's only fault: it smells distinctly like the most horrendous candy on this planet. Black licorice. Its redeeming qualities: scares off the pimply fiends that attack my face, reduces the appearance of my acne scars, sooooft skin. 
I can't express how much this cleanser has helped my old scarring, which is a huge factor in my self consciousness. My skin tone is so much more even after having used this for a few weeks.

- Willa Clear Face moisturizer. The only moisturizer that doesn't make me break out. 

Masqueology Pore Minimizing Mask. While totally weird to wear, and slimy, and uncomfortable.. it works. The pores around my nose can get to looking like the craters on Mars, but after using this, they were almost invisible. But this crap is expensive, so not something I use often.

- Zoya. I loves me some Zoya nail polish. It's one of the only polishes that will stay on, unchipped, for a week. Of course, I usually end up picking it all off.. but it's nice to know it'll stay on, right?

I initially received all of these items in a monthly Birchbox. (Birchbox has no idea my blog exists.. just like the other 99.9% of the world.) And they have all seriously changed the way I look at my beauty routine. I still don't shave my legs but once every week (or two. you know you do it, too).. but I can at least say I have standards for the way I treat my face and nails. It's nice to be a girl and have silly little things like this to make you feel better about yourself.

Now.. back to Doctor Who.

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Sam Morgan said...

This makes me want birchbox even more! I'm totally asking for it for Christmas.