I Still Have A Blog

Sometimes I just don't know about myself. I really do like blogging. I like you guys. 

But life has been the pits, for real. 

I deleted my last post about the trouble I've been having living with my brother and sister in law. 
Long story short, I don't agree with a lot of the things they do. Also, they bought a new house and have no room for me, so now I have to find somewhere else to live. In 3 weeks.

So I guess I've been a little bit stressed and sad. But not always.

Things I've been up to:

Chargers Fan Fest
Seeing people I've missed (a lot)
La Jolla
Instagraming a lot.
Game of Thrones

In no particular order:


I dunno. I'm still alive, and I'm mostly happy. Stress just takes a lot out of a girl.


Make-up is a girls best friend said...

I know how you feel (ish) - different circumstance obviously but I miss seeing my friends a lot, don't have much time for blogging and I'm not as happy as I could be :(

Hope you feel better soon xx

Corinne said...

aww I'm sorry about all the stress you've been experiencing lately! I know it's rough but i'm sure with time things will begin to get better. I'll be thinkin' of ya!

And those sprinkles cupcakes!!! YUM.

Shaylynn... I blahwg It's True. said...

I know that.. WHERE THE CRAP DO I GO NEXT? it's all consuming.

Kell said...

Shay. You are so right. It consumes my brain.. all day. It only lets me rest when I'm sleeping.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

I feel you. I pretty much didn't blog all last month... sometimes you just need a break! A reality check!
P.S. I love Hodads :) was that in downtown SD?!

Kristin said...

I hear ya girl, im going thru some real shit with my family and stressed out to the max :(

Sam Morgan said...

ok, now I'm caught up. Well, I hope your sadness turns around and I'm sure your new place to live will end up being even better.