Turns Out

So, I finally started working which means my brain is fried and unable to form intelligent thoughts for about 20 hours of the day. You guys are in luck, I am taking time out of those precious viable 4 hours to talk to myself.. er.. you.



I bought some 'healthy' lunchable thing on my lunch, and this was the dessert. Pleez. PLEEZ. Have mercy on a sista. I am obviously not happy with this portion.


We went to get my car a much needed carwash and hilarity ensued. There was a complete fool in front of us. I'm not even kidding. This lady (and we all know it was a woman) had obviously never used an automatic car wash before. She pulled into where she was supposed to stop and put it in park.. but when it started, she kept reversing and driving forward. About 10 seconds later the car wash kicked her the eff out. It just shut off. And she kept pulling forward and reversing for about five minutes.. causing boyfriend and I to be late to Sprinkles and therefore get no cupcakes. I will find her and hurt her. Or teach her the ways of the magical car wash.


Boyfriend was making a remark about some people who were slowing down traffic to take pictures from their car, so I took it as my cue to start snapping as many pictures of him as I could. I usually do everything in my power to annoy him. Lovingly, of course. 


Shaylynn... I BLAHWG. said...

Did you know I am afraid of car washes?

No cupcakes? I would be swearing for a very long time. Not that I swear. Ever.

Anonymous said...

I bet bf loves the annoyance! In the end, they know they love it and miss it when it isn't done! :P