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1. I decided that miniature fruit is better than big fruit. As in Clementines > Oranges. They're just so cute.. and delicious.

2. My parents came down today and brought me a birthday present. Yes, that is a 3lb bag of candy.. my inner (and outter, who am I kidding) fatty is very happy. They know me.

3. I have finished 3 books this week. That's either a testament to my life, or to the quality of the books I've been getting. I'll let you figure that one out.

Guys, I hit my funny bone yesterday and my funny turned off. It's either that, or PMS. I'll never tell.

To end, I made a list of all the things I miss about Utah:
1. Fry sauce.


Shaylynn... I BLAHWG. said...

you forgot a part of that list.

To end, I made a list of all the things I miss about Utah:
1. Fry sauce (given)
2. Shay. That girl I forgot to meet before I moved.
3. Jimmy Johns, I ate there today, and thought, Kell would eat here with me I JUST KNOW IT.

oh my gosh, you make me laugh so hard. like hernia hard.

Anonymous said...

Ooo, what have you been reading? I'm always up for good book recommendations! I read pretty much anything!



Slamdunk said...

Nicely done with the 3 books. And, I did make it back in time: Happy Birthday on Sat!

Emma Frances said...

Clementines are definitely better than oranges! :] And much cuter! Any good book suggestions since you've been reading so much! I'm compiling my summer reading list for when I actually have the time to read! Right now I'm so tired by the end of every day/week that I just want to sleep! But I am going to read it up this summer!!