Point Loma

Today we kinda went crazy and went everywhere. We started by going up to Point Loma, a place where the squirrels are friendly and the tourists are loud and annoying.

The view makes up for it though, and there's a lot to do. We only took advantage of the views and the lighthouse, though.

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After that, we scurried away for some Island's, 'cause we were both ready to eat the next small animal that came our way. It was my first time there and I am kinda in looove with their fries.
We spent some time driving around and ended up in downtown to walk for a while. I feared for my life as a homeless lady was walking all over the place (and too close to me), having an intense conversation with herself. Very loudly. I had a death grip on boyfriend's arm.
After some dinner (yes, we eat a lot) we found our way to a Barnes & Noble, where we completely lost track of time. We spent about two hours in there looking at pretty much every single book.

It was pretty much one of the best days that I've had here so far.


Ashley R said...

Cabrillo Monument is one of my favourite places in SD! People are loud there, but it's so beautiful. I like going into the little shed next to the lighthouse that has all the weird history parts. The telephones with fake old-timey conversations are the best!

Courtney B said...

Gorgeous pictures! Gosh, I'd LOVE to go there someday!

Allison said...

I'm so happy for you! Good days are the best. And it's SO weird how squirrels are everywhere- it's like that at UCLA, too, and it's the strangest phenomenon! Your pictures are so beautiful, and it looks like it was a beautiful day too. And what better way to end the day than with cuddling with some books?? I would like your day... haha!