Me Lately

I haven't been around lately. It seems to be a pattern on this poor blog of mine.

Boyfriend came home over Christmas for a blissful 10 days. It was amazing, and happy and normal and I was in heaven. His time home involved lots of eating out, Walmart trips and spoiling each other, movie watching and board game playing.

I got the new iPhone 4s..because my old phone was a piece of poo. Plus, I wanted a new stinkin' iPhone.

I finally got back on track with my reading. For about 4 months I hardly read a thing.. but so far this year I've read 2 new books, and have a small pile waiting to be read. It feels good.

An old man told me that my time's tickin' and I need to get married before my looks go. If I was keeping count, I'd say that's about the 5th time that an old man has told me to get married.

Amazon is the most tempting website on this here planet. Yes, I said 'this here.'

I want to go back to school and feel challenged again, but I'm afraid I'll lose my focus (again) and screw up my gpa even worse than I already have.

I also am getting a small itch to move.. again. I move a lot.

That's it. I'd promise more consistent blog posts, but lets be real. I have a very busy life full of Netflix watching and being a super bad-a cashier at your local grocery store. Don't ask too much of me.


Nikita said...

Awww... Good luck with everything!! And congrats on the new iPhone!! I guess I'll still have to use my iPhone 4 till I can save enough to get a new one... Happy New Year!! :)

Recently Roached said...

Wahoo for new phone :)

You should listen to the old men. Marriage is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Well, it seems you've been having a great time chica!! :D And a big YAY for the new phone!!

Ivy said...

So I was just blog-hopping and I somehow came across yours! It is adorable! I am extremely jealous of your phone situation too. anywho, love it!!

samnhal said...

Nothing like treating yourself to a nice little treat like a new iphone. It just sometimes needs to happen.

Makay said...

I love you to death Kell. Seriously.