I found me a job.

I actually interviewed for it back in December, started paperwork a few days ago.. and started training Saturday. I'm am the newest bagger at Smith's. Glorious, right? Not really, but a job is a job is a job. It's not exactly what I was looking for, but after looking for a month with no results, I didn't want to turn down an opportunity for money.

I am also taking my first semester off of college since I began it. In the fall, I'll be starting again. Fresh and new. I just felt like I needed some time off to collect myself and get my priorities straightened out again. Also some time to save money.. that always helps.


Aside from all the lame serious stuff, my days here are pretty uneventful. If I'm not with boyfriend, I'm watching Netflix or sleeping. I can't complain.. living here has been a huge improvement from where I was. I'm so much happier, and isn't that what's really important?

Now here is a picture for you to Aww at.



christie said...

hey there, thanks so much for your kind comment about my "hater". i really appreciate it :)

congrats on your new job - i know its nothing special but it brings money so thats exciting!

That photo is definatley an "aww" moment, you are really pretty :)

Hope you have a great week.


xx Christie

Nancy Face said...

Hooray for your new job!

The picture with your niece is so cute!

Ang said...

Congrats on the job Kell! I assume that is a grocery store? It's okay to take a job, because jobs are hard to come by right now and money is important to survive!

Are you ever going to share with us why you moved and the circumstances surrounding the move?

Happiness is always most important!

Alexandria said...

Congrats on the j-o-b! Woo. Just like you said a job is a job! It equals money to pay the bills!

I so awwed at that picture!

Jamie said...

Hey! So how long have you lived here now?! Do you like it?! You should come apply at Seagull Book!

Diana Smith said...

I have a brother who has worked at Smiths in Pleasant Grove for over 2 years and he loves it! I bet you will like it a lot!

samnhal said...

I'm glad that you're happy here in Utah. I totally worked as a bagger while I was in high school. The hours are flexible, and it pays, so that's worth it. Except for getting carts while it's snowing.

Corinne said...

I'm so happy for you! Your happiness is super important and it's awesome that you are happy where you are now :)

And that picture is adorable!

Lauren said...

Congrats on the job lady! I'm so behind in your life and how everything has gone since the move, but things sounds fab!

Chelsea Elizabeth. said...

I am applying to a grocery store here right now. Haha. Hopefully I will be as lucky as you!
and yes, happiness is whats most important.
and....AWWWW! :)

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

so cute and congrats on the job!

Jamie said...

I'm glad you are likin the STG. :] & yes my manager is looking for another closer, you should come in and get an application or I think there is one online!

Amy said...

I am so happy for you girlie. I'm glad you get to be close to Boyfriend now! And the job...that's a really good thing too! :) Gosh, I need to start reading blogs more often...I feel way behind on everything. How did I just now find this out about my twin?!! Hehe.