I woke up this morning and called in sick to work..
My neck has been hurting for a wonderful 5 days now, so I decided to give it a rest from the added stress of work. It gives me a good break too. So I've spent all day texting(bugging) my boyfriend.. watching scary movies and napping on/off with a heating pad on my neck.

Except my wiener dog has currently taken possession of my heating pad.. sneaky little wiener.

Oh, it occurs to me that I haven't shown you guys a picture of our monster dog.. who isn't so much a puppy anymore. Here he is, doing his favorite thing.. sitting in water.


And I want to attach day 4 of that 30 day blog thing onto this post. Just because it's kinda short.
It's a habit I wish I didn't have..

That would have to be procrastination. Is that a habit?
I am just a terrible, terrible procrastinator. Honest. Homework.. that can wait. When I make my trips to Utah I don't pack until midnight the night before. Then I don't leave until about 2 hours after I should have left.

See? I'm terrible. Juuust terrible!


Marissa said...

I am a terrible procrastinator too!

Allison said...

Ahh, I have the horrible disease that is procrastination, too! IT STINKS.

Well, at least you got to stay home? I hope you feel better soon! :D

Corinne said...

aw hope your neck feels better!!

and don't you wish they would just stay as tiny puppies forever!!!
Miley is afraid of water - she won't get in it at all!!! I can't believe she's a golden retriever!!!

Anonymous said...

A dog that likes sitting in water? Oh myyyy!!!!

Ang said...

cute pup - I'm diggin' the changes around here :)

Ash Att said...

man, this sickness thing is so crappy. i hope your neck gets feeling better :)

samnhal said...

Your puppy loves to sit in water? How funny. Oh man, your puppy is growing up to still just be beautiful. Is he a goldie?

Slamdunk said...

I hope your neck feels better.

I think we own your dog's cousin--he is always looking for water and a tennis ball.

Sarah Peracchino said...

Your puppy is so adorable! That photo makes me laugh, sooo cute!