Tomorrow is my first day back at work. Sort of. It's the first day that the students are back as well. Is it totally weird that I'm excited? The school has 700 new freshmen. 2500 students total this year. That's up... a lot from last year. I'm excited to be busier. Excited to meet the new faces. If you'll believe it, all high schoolers aren't so terrible.
Some of the teachers are worse than the students. Also, I'm not excited about having to wear this gray shirt 5 days a week for the next 10 months. Sigh.


Anyway! My night is going to consist of a movie and some Panda Express. Then a book before bedtime, and hopefully a dreamless night of sleep. I've been having SUPER weird dreams lately. They have been either all out nightmares or bordering between dream and nightmare. They've also been super detailed. I mean, I'm aware of every step I'm taking and every word I'm saying. They seem to genuinely drag on. It's very weird!

Also, thank you all SO much for your honest opinions on my last post. I love you all, and wanted to thank you for being so open, and respectful. I replied to a couple of you in the comments, also. And if you're interested in continuing a discussion, my email is always open! (

Love you all!


Emma said...

i've been having super detailed dreams lately too and i'm tired of it! i wake up stressed over things that have never happened, it's not fun. so here's to a dreamless night!!

Jena Carper said...

What's your job at the high school? :)

Marissa said...

Pretty photo!!!

I have been having odd dreams lately too! I wish they would stop!

Sam said...

yay for work! is it weird that i'm sorta jealous of you? :) i need some $$$

Hotcakes said...

so you're teacher too? :) that's awesome.

school starts for you goodluck on first day! :)

jaimie said...

i have had the weirdest dreams lately!! all i want is a night of dreamless peaceful sleep. good luck!!

Corinne said...

I've been having bad/weird dreams lately too!! all descriptive, and sometimes I'll have repeats or continuations! I really would like them to stop...pronto. They are disrupting my sleep and I hate waking up in the middle of the night with my heart racing. :(
Hope your dreams turn cheery and sunny soon!
Also, hope the first day of work back goes smoothly!